You Are Not An Illusion Or Deluded

God Is All Allen White

The excerpt below is by Marie Watts.  You can order her books from Mystics Of The World

What’s Really Important To You

Actually, we do arrive at the point where there is nothing in the world of appearance that is important. This does not mean that we do not experience the evidence of Perfection, Abundance, Harmony, and Joy. Indeed, we do experience this evidence.

But the evidence, in the suppositious, world of appearance, is completely unimportant. What is important is the Complete indivisible, glorious Oneness which we know our Self to be. In other words, the only thing that is important, is what we are consciously “seeing”, what we are consciously “being”. We are unconcerned about the so-called signs following. We know that the evidence has to be apparent because what we are perceiving is what we are being. And this is the very evidence itself.

When The Evidence Is Missing Check For This

So long as we seem to attach so much important to any “evidence” in the fallacious world of appearance, we are not going all the way in our conscious perception. It is this same fallacious clinging to the seeming human scene that appears to blind us to the very evidence which already is, right here and now.

Always look for the spurious sense of separation and dualism when any specific evidence of complete harmony, success, health, abundance, seems to be delayed in our experience.

All Is Inseparably One

You see, duality would have us believe that health is one aspect of our Existence, but that it is separate from wealth, peace, joy, etc. Until we have completely transcended duality, we seem to be challenged by one aspect, or what we call another aspect of inharmony or incompleteness. There can be no such thing as one aspect of the All Being, being more important than is another, because the All is inseparably One. There is no way to divide health from wealth, peace, joy, perfect harmony, and completeness.

You Are Not Deluded

It is only in the mass illusion of the apparent world of duality, that any false sense of separation seems to be evident. But this is only an illusion, evidencing its own illusory substance and activity. YOU ARE NOT AN ILLUSION, AND YOU ARE NOT DELUDED. YOUR SUBSTANCE DOES NOT CONSIST OF ILLUSION, AND YOUR ACTIVITY IS NOT AN ILLUSORY SUBSTANCE IN ACTION.

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