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Reflections — Did You Miss These Posts?


The year is closing out and December 2017 ends our fifth year of Absolutely Yours. Before we launch into the so-called new year, why not take a look at some of the great posts from previous years.

I perused the posts of the past and pulled out some buried treasures. If you are new to this site, it’s possible that you have missed some of these jewels. If you never read another post from this blog, those cited below deserve your attention.

First and foremost is the post based on an idea that boosted my career as a public speaker – the Body Month. The ideas in the post lie under a mountain of praises by people who followed the suggestions. Many readers have established a particular month of each year for their Body Month.

On the heels of the Body Month is the post on How To Pray Effectively. Most readers of this blog pray daily. Reader, don’t you agree that it’s best to know the most effective way for you to pray? And by effective, I mean the way that brings you the most satisfying results. Don’t jump to any conclusions. This is not a pray this way or die post. It’s about your way. I promise that if you follow the suggestions in this post, you’ll be thrilled with the results.

Just the other day, I learned that is now offering free same-day delivery for Prime members. This means less anxious waiting for new tech toys and stand mixers. Which brings me to this question – Are You Waiting For A Miracle? Have you been waiting for a long time? There’s no need for you to wait for health, happiness, love, peace or supply. This post will help put an end the waiting game.

Here are a few more questions. Do you remember a time when you were afraid? Did it seem that your mind conjured up mental movies where you nearly drowned in your troubles? Did you keep replaying those movies? Were you more afraid? I think that’s why a former pastor told his good friend “the worst neighborhood you can visit is the one in your own head. You get mugged every time.”

But is this true? Does anyone have a fearful, negative-thinking mind? No! That’s why this post Mind – Impersonal and Universal should be read and frequently contemplated. While I’m on the subject of contemplation, doesn’t it lift your heart to a wonderful place when you contemplate God’s Allness?

Many people have asked, “Does contemplation really help matters?” Yes it does. Contemplation helps because, when done right, it reveals there is no matter (or situation governed by material laws). The post Contemplation Matters For These Reasons will inspire you and answer your questions about contemplation. In that post, there is a section about seeing things as they are. This begs the question, What Are You Saying that You Are Seeing?

Reader, enjoy your reading and enjoy your holiday season. Most of all, enjoy the wonderful Life that is living as You.

Repetition or Revelation?


Allen, what state of mind do you keep moment by moment? In other words, do you constantly repeat God is All? I don’t know if you need to do something to keep your awareness of your real identity, or not.

This is an excerpt from a question asked by one of our readers. There are many subjects that require repetition in order to learn them. Foreign languages and multiplication tables immediately come to mind. In order to say “I love playing football” fluently in Mandarin, you probably have to repeat the sentence slowly many times before you can speak it confidently. But, once you know it, you don’t have to repeat it.

Once it is revealed in Consciousness that God is All, you know it. There’s no more doubt or uncertainty. You know God is All, and that’s that. There’s no need for you to make a conscious effort to repeat Truth just to “stay on top of things.” You know it.

Although you don’t have to make a conscious effort to remind yourself that God is All, a wonderful thing happens. Without thinking about it, “your” Consciousness soars and surges with the awareness of this Truth. This happens throughout the entire day.

Consciousness is a one trick pony. All it can do is Know (and Be) the Allness of God. And this is what happens once God’s Allness is revealed. It’s a thrilling and transcendent experience.

All Hands On Deck — Hurricane Alert


It’s been awhile since I’ve posted an “All Hands On Deck” post.  After reading the news of the expected devastation due to the hurricane in Texas, I am asking that you join with me knowing that:

  • All activity is Love (God) being active.
  • So-called weather signifies Love’s Presence, Activity and Substance.
  • All activity is the One Infinite, Indivisible Presence in action. By Activity’s indivisible nature, there is no such thing as havoc and destruction.
  • Truth’s Allness precludes any other presence and power

Thank you.

Who Will Win The 2017 Abby Award?


The Creation Of The Abby Award

The Master of Ceremonies opens the envelope and announces “And the ‘Abby’ goes to ….”

Let’s back up to the beginning. In my mind I picture a new awards show. In America you have the Oscar, Grammy and Emmy awards. In France, you have the Prix Goncourt. In the United Kingdom there is the BAFTA awards. All of these represent excellence in a certain field. But what about the field of Absolute writers and publishers. Deserving folk in this genre should be recognized too. So, I’ve created (in my wildest imagination) the Abby Award for writers and publishers of the Absolute.

[Back to the show]

As I write, the judges are tallying up the votes. I’m on edge waiting for the unknown man in the tuxedo to hand the envelope to the Master of Ceremonies. He walks onto the stage and hands the envelope to the elegantly gowned MC. After opening the envelope, she pauses and then announces, “And the Abby Award goes to Mystics of the World (M.O.W.).” Smiles light up the room.

Mystics Of The World Is Our Fairy Godmother

For over a decade, Mystics of the World has been the fairy godmother for authors of the Absolute. Authors like Jane Woodward found a publishing angel in Mystics of the World (Denice Jutras). Her books are excellent but too small to be considered by traditional publishers.

My story is simple. God Is All enjoyed excellent distribution by DeVorss and sold very well in the United States and Canada. Once Mystics of the World put the book in their catalog, God Is All started circulating in India, New Zealand, Africa, United Kingdom and Brazil.

If you want a book by Lillian DeWaters, Vivian May Williams, Marie Watts, or Paul Gorman, where do you turn? Mystics of the World.

The Marie Watts Project

Recently M.O.W. embarked on an ambitious project to reprint all of the books of Marie Watts so that they are all traditionally sized and bound. That project is almost complete, and many of Watts’ books are now available through Mystics of the World and Visit their site to see what winks at you. Here are my recommendations of Marie Watts’ books:

  • Three Essential Steps
  • Your Eternal Identity
  • Questions And Answers From The Word
  • Success Is Normal

Congratulations Mystics of the World on your Abby award.

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You Are The Missing Piece


I Couldn’t Figure It Out Until I Thought About You

After publishing the last post, “All You Need To Know About Your World,” I felt unsettled. I read the post over and over, and after each reading I felt like something important was missing. But what?

Later that night, I discovered the missing piece. That post didn’t fully reveal the glory of your Being. Yes, because God Is All, that post celebrated the beauty, wonder, and perfection of this “world,” but this last piece was missing.

You, reader, are the missing piece. The following sentences that you are about to read are not about the human sense of You. These posts are too short to dabble in nonsense. What follows is about the real and only You.

You Are Not Confined

You are Infinity Itself. Reader, you are not confined to your Body form. You’re not confined to the room or building you are reading this post in. Perhaps you are outside reading this post. It doesn’t matter. You are not even confined to this Earth planet. You, Infinite One, include your Body form, the room, and the earth planet within your Infinite Being.

Take a moment to bask in this magnificent Truth. You should be thrilled beyond reason.

You Are The Light Of The World

Don’t go down a dark road of doubt. Remember, You and God IS one, and not two. As this Oneness, You (God, not the human nonsense) are Infinity Itself.

Reader, if you read the last post, did you agree that this is indeed a wonderful world? Here is the rest of the missing piece: YOU ARE ALL THERE IS OF THIS WONDERFUL WORLD. YOU ARE THE SUBSTANCE, ESSENCE, BEAUTY, AND LIGHT OF THIS WONDERFUL WORLD. That’s why Christ Jesus said, “You are the light of the world.”

The Thirty-Day Reboot


Somebody Lied – Truth Will Not Heal You

Do you feel that Truth is not working for you? Are you ready to give up? Reader, before you throw in the towel, please read this post all the way to the last period.

I have a confession: TRUTH DOES NOT WORK. Anyone who tries to use Truth to heal a sick body, fill an empty wallet, mend a broken relationship, or land that perfect job will be disappointed. TRUTH DOES NOT WORK.

Many people with whom I’ve spoken admit that their spiritual life has largely consisted of trying to use Truth to get something, or get rid of something. The “thing,” they admit, is and has always been the focus of their spiritual activity. They don’t come right out and say it, but their personal anthem is “Give me the thing. By any means necessary, give me the thing. I’ll try Truth, if Truth will give me the thing, but give me the thing.” If there was another way to get the thing, the users of Truth would drop Truth as quick as the dog drops his chew toy to snatch the steak.

This Is Why God Can’t Fix It

Let’s get back to God. God is All. What God is, is all that is. This is the Fact of Life. Besides God, there is nothing – no thing. Besides God there is no thing to get and no thing to get rid of. God is All.

God does not meander in the dark corridors of nothingness (sickness, lack, limitation, dumbness, sadness, etc.). God (Truth) knows nothing about them. Having no existence, they are the great unknowables. Knowing nothing about them, God cannot fix them. God cannot heal them. You cannot use the somethingness of God’s Allness to fix the nothingness of trials and troubles.

The 30-Day Prayer Reboot

Reader, if you are feeling that you are ready to give up on Truth, STOP!

For thirty (30) days, try this. Junk the notion of God fixing your life. (Do you see the inherent dualism of that idea?) Junk the notion of God healing your body, filling your wallet, or making any other use of Truth. Forget about all the gifts you want Truth to put under your tree. Forget about all of the so-called benefits from your spiritual practice.

Next, focus your prayerful attention on God’s Allness. Contemplate God’s Allness just for the thrill of it. Seek (within Consciousness) a greater understanding of God’s Allness – just for the joy of it. In all of your ways, acknowledge God’s Allness – just for the delight of it.

Reader, do this for thirty days and you will realize God’s Allness in ways never experienced before. And, you will know that no thrill compares to the thrill of God realization. Furthermore, you will see that Truth does not work, but rather, Truth is ALL, and ALL THAT YOU ARE.

Did You Ever Ask This Question?



Are You Asking The Wrong Questions

Lydia gazed out of her bedroom window at the gazebo in the rose garden. She wasn’t really looking at it, for her mind nibbled away at one question: How could this happen to me?

Lydia thought to herself, “I’ve dedicated my life to this Truth. Every day, for years, I’ve contemplated God’s Allness. I’ve sat in silences listening and hearing that still small voice. No one can question my devotion to Truth, and yet this thing has happened to me. Why? How?”

When a problem seems to come out of nowhere and knocks a so-called Truth student off his feet, the first thought usually is, “How could this happen to me?” Right on its tail is “With all that I know, why did this happen to me?”

The Right Question

You’ve heard the term “barking up the wrong tree,” haven’t you? It’s a hunting term used to describe the cunning skill of the prey. The wily raccoon tricks the hunting dogs into believing he scurried up the tree. While the dogs scramble and bark at the base of the tree, the raccoon slips away. If only the dogs knew better, they would do better. When you ask the question: why is this happening to me, you are barking up the wrong tree.

God is All, and All is God. This is the fundamental fact of Life, and you could state it in many ways. You, reader, could say Love is All, Perfection is All, Light is All, or Wealth is All. The words (as long as they are consistent with the nature of God) don’t matter. It all boils down to the one fundamental fact of Life: God is All.

Questions like: “Why did this happen to me?” and “How could this happen to me?” admit that the trouble is a real presence and power. But, this can’t be. God is the only Presence and Power. Again, asking why and how questions like these is barking up the wrong tree. Nothing good can come from it.

One time, after I barked myself silly, I asked myself, “Allen, how can you say that God is All and believe that any trouble is real?” Reader, it can’t be done. The Allness of God precludes the possibility of any type of trouble.

Rather than asking why this is happening to me, it is better and more enlightening to ask IS THIS HAPPENING TO ME?

Be Still And Listen

Once you ask such a question of God Consciousness (your Only Consciousness), be still and listen for the answer. If it doesn’t come right away, ask and listen again. Consciousness will answer, and the answer will amaze you. The answer will reveal the only Evidence – God.

The Importance of Constancy by Marie Watts


But, I Had Such An Incredible Morning Contemplation

So often when we contemplate in the early morning quietness, we are gloriously aware of being just what God is, and nothing else. And we are sure that we will continue to see things as they are throughout the day.

Then we embark upon our daily activities, and it seems that the Light dims, and sometimes disappears altogether. We appear to find our Self thinking, talking, and acting just as though we were born temporary human beings – WHICH WE ARE NOT. Then later in the evening we wonder why the Light that shone so beautifully in the morning contemplation seemed to disappear during the day.

We know that the Light we are cannot possibly be dimmed, nor can it disappear. But it certainly can seem to dim to the point of appearing to be extinguished.

You Are The Constancy

What are we to perceive when the Light we are seems to vary, to waver, to dim, or to disappear? We are to realize that WE ARE THE INFINITE, OMNIPRESENT, ETERNAL TRUTH THAT IS CONSTANCY. We know that we are the constant, uninterrupted Principle which is Life, Mind, Consciousness, Love. Knowing that we are all Truth, we realize that we are the ever-present Truth that is Constancy.

Thus, whenever the affairs of the day seem to become burdensome, difficult, or frustrating, it is well to withdraw for a few moments. We can then realize, in silent contemplation, that we ARE THE PRINCIPLE WHICH IS CONSTANCY ITSELF.

Also, we can perceive that we are the same Constancy that we knew our Self to be during the morning contemplation. Consciousness does not become more or less conscious. Thus there is never any more or less Constancy present as our Being.

There Is No Interruption Of Perfection

The immutable Perfection that you are is not interrupted by periods of illness or imperfection. The Constancy that you are does not fluctuate. The Joy you are does not change to sadness. The Peace you are does not become disturbed. The eternal Identity you is a constant Identity. You are not an identity that is incarnated, and that has to be reincarnated over and over again.

Beloved One, it would be well for you to consider this word “Constancy” in your daily contemplation. You will marvel at the revelations which will be your experience when, as full open Consciousness, the radiant Splendor YOU ARE increasingly reveals the Constancy that you are.

Racism – Seeing Its Nothingness

Oneness promo

Thanks for your positive feedback on the last post. From the feedback, I could tell that racism is a touchy subject. One reader shared his experience with racism that altered the course of this post. He made me see that this post must be more practical.

Since blog readers love list-posts, I decided to list three things you can do to perceive the nothingness of racism. And, reader, racism is a nothing. The entire history of racial prejudice is a fabrication. God Is All – always!

Racism is a nothing. But, reader, the suggestions that follow are great for seeing the nothingness of nothing.


Don’t Fight Discrimination

Fighting discrimination is like trying to sweep the ghost from under the bed. You can sweep for hours and never get rid of the ghost. It’s not there.

Whatever steps you are taking to fight being discriminated against, stop it. Stop running down to the Equal Employment Opportunity Office whining about how “they” are discriminating against you because of your race. Stop joining groups that fight racism. Stop marching. There are better ways to spend your time.


Honor Only One Power

Racism requires an impossibility. It requires the presence of two or more and, reader, there is only One Presence – God. However, if racism seems real to you, simply ask your Self this question: Is there more than one Presence? Listen for the answer. In many instances, this is all it will take to perceive that God (Love) Is All that is going on.

You have probably said to yourself many times, “God Is All.” And every time you’ve said this, you have stated a Truth. Regardless of appearances, stand by this statement and honor just only One Presence and One Power.


Give Up Your Racial Identity

God is not a white man.
God is not a black man.
God is not a yellow man.

Reader, you cannot say, “I and God are One,” and experience the power of this Truth while clinging to a racial sense of identity. The I that you are is infinite, indivisible, and eternal. The I that you are is pure Spirit and has never known of a material sense of Identity.

Do you feel that you are being discriminated against because you are _____________? Then stop being ___________. Stop identifying yourself as ____________. And equally important, stop identifying them (the perpetrator) as ______________.

The entire scenario of racism is fiction, so stop functioning in fiction. Get back to the FACT OF BEING – God Is All.

Closing Note

Reader, I think you get the point. Resolving racism is an inside job. It’s a matter of Conscious Awareness of God’s Allness. It is here that you perceive that you are neither a victim nor a perpetrator of racism. It is here that you perceive that racism never began.

Spiritual Celebration Of Earth Day

Earth-Day-Celebration copy

The Spiritual Way Is The Best Way

April 22, 2016 is Earth Day. For forty-six years Earth Day has focused our attention on the awareness and appreciation of this giant ball we call Earth. The purpose of Earth Day is to take better care of our planet – to stop raping this planet of its natural resources.

Since its inception, people have jumped in hoe and spade, planting trees, cleaning parks, eating cleaner, and filling recycle bins.

But, reader, you and I know that what folk think they can accomplish humanly can best be accomplished spiritually – by spiritual perception. It’s a matter of Consciousness. Rather than human busyness, life is always and only a matter of Consciousness.

Did You Realize This About Planet Earth?

In the Unity hymnbook, there is a song called “The Universe Sings.” I’m sure the melody has won the Dorky Award, but the message reveals an overlooked Truth. Here are the lyrics.

The Universe sings I Am, I Am.
The Universe rings I Am, I Am.
The Universe brings, through each atom and cell
A song of its own,
It’s singing I Am.

Every star in the sky is singing I Am.
Every bird winging by is singing I Am.
Every woman and man, everything in God’s plan
Has a song of its own,
I Am, I Am.

This song says it all: The Universe is conscious of being I AM. The Universe is conscious of being Life, Love, Light, Perfection, Spirit, etc. In short – this is a completely illumined Universe. And if the Universe is completely Illumined, Earth is completely Illumined.

Will You Join Me In A Real Earth Day Celebration?

Reader, when you joyously recognize and acknowledge the FACT that every nook and cranny of this planet Earth is Illumination Itself, you have celebrated Earth Day in the most powerful way. On April 22 – just to join in the global revelry – I’m going to sit down in my living room chair and contemplate the spiritual nature of this great and grand ball we call Earth.

Even now, as I am writing this, just thinking that Earth is just what God is brings a smile to my face. Here are my thoughts:

  • This planet Earth is Eternal Life through and through.
  • This planet Earth is Infinite, Unconditional Love.
  • This planet Earth is pure Unadulterated Perfection.
  • This planet Earth is pure Spirit without a single material element.

I am inviting you to join me in contemplating what the Earth (God’s Presence) is knowing of Itself. Reader, just for a few days, will you commit to this type of contemplation? Think of it this way: Without joining a group, lifting a shovel, or filling a bin, you can do something effective and never leave your home. You may be asking yourself, “Is this practical? What good will it do?”

Your Knowing Is Your Showing

If the suggestion in this article weren’t practical, this blog post would be a waste of your reading, and my writing time. Reader, your KNOWING of Earth’s true nature is practical, and it will appear to do much without actually doing a thing.

Your KNOWING will accomplish your heart’s sincerest desire: the SHOWING forth of Earth’s ever-present Perfection. Because of your KNOWING, you will hear reports of:

  • cleaner air and less pollution of lakes, rivers and oceans
  • animals being removed from the “Endangered Species” list
  • sightings of animals once thought to be extinct
  • abundant natural resources
  • cooperation of nations for the “greater good”

All this you will hear, but don’t be deceived. Nothing has changed. What appears as a change for the better is Earth’s ever-present perfection showing forth as your awareness and your experience. As in all things, the showing is directly related to your KNOWING.

Happy Earth Day!