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It’s Fixed (I Don’t Know What Happened)

A reader alerted me to the fact that the Donation link wasn’t working and hasn’t worked in awhile.

After days of back and forth with WordPress, it’s working again — but, for now, only on the link of the most recent post.

You Are Powerful, But What Does That Mean?


What Is The Power Of God?

God cannot behold (see) evil; therefore, it would be impossible for God to even attempt to fight it. With God all things are possible, Jesus declared; but this has nothing to do with battling the myriad appearances of evil.

Power as seen in the eyes of the Divine is simply the ability to do. It is the ability to do all things smoothly, efficiently, successfully, economically, creatively and perfectly. When the omnipotence that is God is rightly perceived, it is cognized as the supreme ability to do all things. It is just as easy for God to maintain the planets in their orbits as it is to bloom as the flowers in spring. The omnipotence of God knows no levels of difficulty.

You Are The Power To Do All Things Successfully

As a focal point of the Presence of God, you have no “personal” power over or against anyone or anything. God is not aware of anyone of anything other than His single Presence. Realizing yourself to be a focal point of power is the recognition of your ability to do all things smoothly, efficiently, successfully, economically, creatively and easily. The power is still God’s. It does not belong to the focal point because the focal point is nothing in and of itself. [excerpt from God Is All]

The Glory Is God’s

The glory for all accomplishment belongs to Omnipotence Itself. ALL IS GOD AND GOD’S

This Has To Be The Most Beneficial Exercise (Try It For 30 Days)

Infinite Self

The Whirling Dervish Was Spot-On

If someone asked you to point to yourself, would you point a finger at your Body? Most people would. But while you are pointing, be aware that your Self is not confined to the outline of your Body. Your Self, reader, is infinite – Infinity Itself. Your Self is unlimited. Your Self is unconfined. Your very Being is boundless.

One Sunday morning, I heard a speaker reveling in the realization of her Infinite Self. She sashayed up and down the aisles, spinning like a whirling dervish. Outside the floor-to-ceiling windows of the church, were flowering trees and rose blossoms. With her outstretched arms, fingers pointing to them as she spun, she blared, “Look at me! I am beautiful.”

Yes, it was over-the-top. Dropped jaws covered the sanctuary floor, yet she was spot on. She realized that her Self was not confined to her Body form.

Reader, you are not confined to your Body form. True, you include your Body in your I AM, but never are you confined to this wonderful form. If you were confined to your Body, God (the Infinite All) would be confined to that form. This is impossible!

You and God are one. As God is the Infinite All, you are the Infinite All. Now, let’s make this practical.

The I Am Exercise

Walk through your home, your garden, the mall, the workplace, etc. When your eyes rest on anything or anyone, instead of calling that thing or person by its human name, call it by its real name (nature) – I AM.

You may see a tall, majestic building. Call it I AM. You may see a mighty oak tree. Call it I AM. You may see a daffodil or a dandelion. Again, call it I AM. Your eyes may rest on something as insignificant as a paperclip. Call it I AM. You will see many dollar bills. Call them I AM. This will do wonders in clearing up any seeming separation between your Self and your Supply.

When you call these things I AM, you are really saying, “I (my Self) AM THE I AM (of this person or thing appearing before me) and THIS I AM (person or thing) IS THE I AM THAT IS my Self.” Here you have one Infinite, Indivisible I AM Presence and Power.

Do this exercise every day for thirty days. Put your heart into it. Get into the I AM of it, and your experience will be showered with so-called blessings. And with each blessing, you will know that it is only I AM experiencing its ALLNESS.

Thanks For Your Enthusiastic Response


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Your Christ (God) Reality

christ Identity your Reality

This is the season of Christ, so I thought you would enjoy reading and taking to heart these words of Doris Henty from Addresses and Lectures

Free Yourself From Seeming Bondage

The Christ-Life is nothing less than God’s Life. It is God’s full manifestation of Himself. Your tangible Christ-withinness was never in a mortal personality. To regard yourself as a person is to think of yourself as limited, restricted and fearful. In the recognition of your Christ-selfhood, you are free from the bondage of living as a person.

How Right You Are!

The realm of Christ is the realm of radiant being. It is not the realm of person, either knowing the truth or not knowing the truth. You are not a person seeking to do right. You are spiritual rightness – the rightness itself.

Here’s Where Your Power Is

Never think of yourself as a person defending the right, but as divine Mind’s full manifestation of all that is right. This Christ-rightness is of itself the power which appears to us as an impregnable force.

No Mortality In Christ

To live the Christ way is to acknowledge your true identification as the Christ-consciousness itself. This consciousness includes no mortal sense of yourself, no mortal sense of anything , or of any one, and is thus the “strongest deliverer” from all the discord originating in the mortal, mistaken approach to existence.

Now – Not Later

The Christ way is to see all from the standpoint of God – never from the human standpoint … The Christ way is the way of divine immediacy, free from the mortal way of process, of hoping and waiting. It is the glorious now, with no thought or fear of a rainy day ahead.

Sounds Of The Trumpet Ebook Just Published

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Beyond Thought Control To Reality

God Is All - Oneness

Below is an excerpt from Lillian DeWater’s booklet The Time Is At Hand.

To everyone who would practice Understanding there must come the willingness to renounce belief in mental action. He must know that the Truth is not thought, that the Truth is not a result of mind, but that Truth is Divine Intelligence in operation.

It is not sufficient to perceive that sickness is a dream, but one must see also that there is no personal mind believing in sickness.It is not enough to say that sin is forgiven, but one must come to admit that the sin was never sinned.

It is a step up to discern that sorrow and limitation are the results of false thinking and living, but it is a step higher still to discern that there was never a mistake made, that there is no one who believes in mistakes and in sin.Disease and death were never included in the Intelligent activity of the All-Good.

10 Must Read Blog Posts


Absolutely Yours has been around for awhile. Believe it or not, some newcomers literally spend hours going through the blog posts. When I discovered this fact, I thought maybe I should make it easier for them.

Following the advice of successful bloggers, I combed through the posts to select the must-reads. Below are ten (10) posts I think should be read, reread, and even contemplated. Happy Reading!

Are You And Money On The Same Team?

Money Is Spirit Formed

The Money Seminar

This year, (I don’t know how it’s going to happen), I intend to get back on the road again presenting power-packed seminars on God’s Allness.

I have enjoyed every seminar I’ve ever presented, but my favorite by a longshot is “The Money Club Seminar.” It’s the entertainment that I love, and it starts long before I actually deliver the seminar. The entertainment is the response I get from callers to see if I’m really going to talk about money.

It’s the trembling, strident tone of the caller’s voice that betrays she is uncomfortable talking about God and money in the same sentence – I’m talking about ducking behind sofas from lightening bolts uncomfortable.

Spiritual Identities Spend Money Too

To spiritually-minded people, money is a vulgar five-letter word that should be spoken in hushed tones if used in the same sentence with the word God. But here is the problem. These same spiritually-minded folk need money to pay bills, buy food, clothe the body, send the kids to college, and be entertained. How do we resolve this dilemma? By understanding money.

The monumental misconception is that money is a material substance. Reader, if you are doing the best you can to live the spiritual Truth that you know, and you believe that money is material, that duality will make a mess of your financial affairs. Money will appear to be hard to get, hard to keep, and hard to let go of. All that’s necessary is that you realize money as material substance is a lie about its spiritual nature.

The Nature Of Money

There is but One Presence and One Substance – Spirit (God). Spirit is the Substance of all Form and the Form of all Substance. Money is included in this All. Money is a spiritual presence. Let’s rephrase that: Money is Spirit being present as that form called money.

Take some time to contemplate the paragraph above. Consider all its implications. It will do wonders for your financial affairs.


Join A Global “Weather Team”


  • Alabama
  • Northwest Georgia
  • Southeast Mississippi
  • Southern Middle Tennessee

Above is an actual news alert published by the National Weather Service warning that lives could be lost and property are in danger of being destroyed.

Since it warns us of ever changing and potentially life-threatening weather conditions, some folk think the National Weather Service is a godsend. I appreciate them, but I confess that whenever I see or hear the word conditions, an internal buzzer goes off – something like the smoke detector in my kitchen when the fillets sizzling in the grill pan get a little smoky.

When you hear or read the words “weather conditions” does something seem a little fishy? Something is! The phrase suggests an impossibility. The Infinite All, which we call God, is changeless and unconditioned. Yet the weather, conditioned by many factors, supposedly changes. So here’s where we are left: Either the Allness of God is a lie or so-called weather conditions are a lie. For you, which is it?

Many years ago, during the Winter months, two members of my congregation and I formed a “Weather Team.” Here’s how we defined our purpose: “to realize and acknowledge that right where changing weather and weather extremes seem to be, GOD IS, LOVE IS, JOY IS, PEACE IS.”

We stayed with the Truth that the only condition is the UNCONDITIONED ONE; the only Environment is GOD enjoying its own unchallenged being and presence; and the only experience is LOVE experiencing Itself. Every day, for months, we joined together knowing that this IS the reality right where changing weather conditions seemed to be. Our prayers were very effective.

After two years, the “team” disbanded. However, you and I can be a team simply by daily reminding ourselves that there are no weather conditions. There is just God. – the Unconditioned One.