Racism – Seeing Its Nothingness

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Thanks for your positive feedback on the last post. From the feedback, I could tell that racism is a touchy subject. One reader shared his experience with racism that altered the course of this post. He made me see that this post must be more practical.

Since blog readers love list-posts, I decided to list three things you can do to perceive the nothingness of racism. And, reader, racism is a nothing. The entire history of racial prejudice is a fabrication. God Is All – always!

Racism is a nothing. But, reader, the suggestions that follow are great for seeing the nothingness of nothing.


Don’t Fight Discrimination

Fighting discrimination is like trying to sweep the ghost from under the bed. You can sweep for hours and never get rid of the ghost. It’s not there.

Whatever steps you are taking to fight being discriminated against, stop it. Stop running down to the Equal Employment Opportunity Office whining about how “they” are discriminating against you because of your race. Stop joining groups that fight racism. Stop marching. There are better ways to spend your time.


Honor Only One Power

Racism requires an impossibility. It requires the presence of two or more and, reader, there is only One Presence – God. However, if racism seems real to you, simply ask your Self this question: Is there more than one Presence? Listen for the answer. In many instances, this is all it will take to perceive that God (Love) Is All that is going on.

You have probably said to yourself many times, “God Is All.” And every time you’ve said this, you have stated a Truth. Regardless of appearances, stand by this statement and honor just only One Presence and One Power.


Give Up Your Racial Identity

God is not a white man.
God is not a black man.
God is not a yellow man.

Reader, you cannot say, “I and God are One,” and experience the power of this Truth while clinging to a racial sense of identity. The I that you are is infinite, indivisible, and eternal. The I that you are is pure Spirit and has never known of a material sense of Identity.

Do you feel that you are being discriminated against because you are _____________? Then stop being ___________. Stop identifying yourself as ____________. And equally important, stop identifying them (the perpetrator) as ______________.

The entire scenario of racism is fiction, so stop functioning in fiction. Get back to the FACT OF BEING – God Is All.

Closing Note

Reader, I think you get the point. Resolving racism is an inside job. It’s a matter of Conscious Awareness of God’s Allness. It is here that you perceive that you are neither a victim nor a perpetrator of racism. It is here that you perceive that racism never began.

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