The Importance of Constancy by Marie Watts


But, I Had Such An Incredible Morning Contemplation

So often when we contemplate in the early morning quietness, we are gloriously aware of being just what God is, and nothing else. And we are sure that we will continue to see things as they are throughout the day.

Then we embark upon our daily activities, and it seems that the Light dims, and sometimes disappears altogether. We appear to find our Self thinking, talking, and acting just as though we were born temporary human beings – WHICH WE ARE NOT. Then later in the evening we wonder why the Light that shone so beautifully in the morning contemplation seemed to disappear during the day.

We know that the Light we are cannot possibly be dimmed, nor can it disappear. But it certainly can seem to dim to the point of appearing to be extinguished.

You Are The Constancy

What are we to perceive when the Light we are seems to vary, to waver, to dim, or to disappear? We are to realize that WE ARE THE INFINITE, OMNIPRESENT, ETERNAL TRUTH THAT IS CONSTANCY. We know that we are the constant, uninterrupted Principle which is Life, Mind, Consciousness, Love. Knowing that we are all Truth, we realize that we are the ever-present Truth that is Constancy.

Thus, whenever the affairs of the day seem to become burdensome, difficult, or frustrating, it is well to withdraw for a few moments. We can then realize, in silent contemplation, that we ARE THE PRINCIPLE WHICH IS CONSTANCY ITSELF.

Also, we can perceive that we are the same Constancy that we knew our Self to be during the morning contemplation. Consciousness does not become more or less conscious. Thus there is never any more or less Constancy present as our Being.

There Is No Interruption Of Perfection

The immutable Perfection that you are is not interrupted by periods of illness or imperfection. The Constancy that you are does not fluctuate. The Joy you are does not change to sadness. The Peace you are does not become disturbed. The eternal Identity you is a constant Identity. You are not an identity that is incarnated, and that has to be reincarnated over and over again.

Beloved One, it would be well for you to consider this word “Constancy” in your daily contemplation. You will marvel at the revelations which will be your experience when, as full open Consciousness, the radiant Splendor YOU ARE increasingly reveals the Constancy that you are.

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