Did You Ever Ask This Question?



Are You Asking The Wrong Questions

Lydia gazed out of her bedroom window at the gazebo in the rose garden. She wasn’t really looking at it, for her mind nibbled away at one question: How could this happen to me?

Lydia thought to herself, “I’ve dedicated my life to this Truth. Every day, for years, I’ve contemplated God’s Allness. I’ve sat in silences listening and hearing that still small voice. No one can question my devotion to Truth, and yet this thing has happened to me. Why? How?”

When a problem seems to come out of nowhere and knocks a so-called Truth student off his feet, the first thought usually is, “How could this happen to me?” Right on its tail is “With all that I know, why did this happen to me?”

The Right Question

You’ve heard the term “barking up the wrong tree,” haven’t you? It’s a hunting term used to describe the cunning skill of the prey. The wily raccoon tricks the hunting dogs into believing he scurried up the tree. While the dogs scramble and bark at the base of the tree, the raccoon slips away. If only the dogs knew better, they would do better. When you ask the question: why is this happening to me, you are barking up the wrong tree.

God is All, and All is God. This is the fundamental fact of Life, and you could state it in many ways. You, reader, could say Love is All, Perfection is All, Light is All, or Wealth is All. The words (as long as they are consistent with the nature of God) don’t matter. It all boils down to the one fundamental fact of Life: God is All.

Questions like: “Why did this happen to me?” and “How could this happen to me?” admit that the trouble is a real presence and power. But, this can’t be. God is the only Presence and Power. Again, asking why and how questions like these is barking up the wrong tree. Nothing good can come from it.

One time, after I barked myself silly, I asked myself, “Allen, how can you say that God is All and believe that any trouble is real?” Reader, it can’t be done. The Allness of God precludes the possibility of any type of trouble.

Rather than asking why this is happening to me, it is better and more enlightening to ask IS THIS HAPPENING TO ME?

Be Still And Listen

Once you ask such a question of God Consciousness (your Only Consciousness), be still and listen for the answer. If it doesn’t come right away, ask and listen again. Consciousness will answer, and the answer will amaze you. The answer will reveal the only Evidence – God.

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