How Important Is Illumination?

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More Should Be Written About Illumination

I’m baffled. I can’t understand why Illumination is not written about more often. It’s the beating heart of spirituality. We say that God Is All, and that nothing exists but God. We say nothing IS but God ISING. Then, we go on to say that God is Perfection; God is Light; God is Love, etc. Reader, aren’t we essentially saying that Perfection is All? Aren’t we saying that nothing IS but Perfection ISING?

Yet, look around you and you can see all manner of imperfection – imperfect bodies, imperfect activity, imperfect minds, and imperfect evidence. It appears that imperfection rules the day and is having quite a heyday.

Because the appearance of things seems at complete and total odds with God being All, the Absolute is considered just another philosophical concept. Granted, it is considered a good and grand philosophy – but philosophy nonetheless.

An Illumined Experience

Every now and again there is that person who takes her mind off of the world as it appears. She stops praying for God to fix her broken life. She stops praying about the aches, lumps and bumps that plague her body and gets down to the prayerful business of simply knowing and experiencing God without any hidden agendas. She’s moved by a pure desire to joy in the revealed awareness of this Presence called God. This is purity of heart and purity of motive.

One day, while working in that same tile and metal world encased by brick and mortar, it happens. It seems as though someone is playing with a dimmer switch in the office. There are slow pulses of bright light. The pulses increase, and the brightness increases until the office is nothing but Light. It’s the brightest Light she has ever seen.

Early that morning it seems as though this woman is standing in the office. Now, she feels she IS the office, and that she is everything in the office. This seems to last for hours, yet at best it’s only been seconds.

Things Are Never The Same

From this day forward Collette never sees the world the way she used to. Bodies no longer seem so fleshy. The world never seems as hard and dense. She has seen what IS, and it has affected everything. This is an experience of Illumination. From this point on, despite any and all appearances, there is no doubt about God being All. Never again does Collette question whether or not God is really All. She has seen for herself.

Illumination slays doubt and squelches questions like, “But if God is All, how come …” It moves the Absolute from mere philosophy to a living, experiential reality.

Illumination Is

Illumination is the experience of God’s Allness. Often it is experienced as seeing and or hearing existence as IT IS. However, Illumination is never confined to just seeing and hearing. In Illumination the Body of Light is seen right there where a fleshy body seemed to be. In Illumination music is heard where the sounds of friction seemed to be. In Illumination it is not unusual to suddenly smell floral-like fragrances impossible to duplicate in a perfumer’s laboratory.

How Important Is Illumination?

Is illumination important? Until you’ve had this kind of experience, there will always be a question about God’s Allness.

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