Beyond Thought Control To Reality

God Is All - Oneness

Below is an excerpt from Lillian DeWater’s booklet The Time Is At Hand.

To everyone who would practice Understanding there must come the willingness to renounce belief in mental action. He must know that the Truth is not thought, that the Truth is not a result of mind, but that Truth is Divine Intelligence in operation.

It is not sufficient to perceive that sickness is a dream, but one must see also that there is no personal mind believing in sickness.It is not enough to say that sin is forgiven, but one must come to admit that the sin was never sinned.

It is a step up to discern that sorrow and limitation are the results of false thinking and living, but it is a step higher still to discern that there was never a mistake made, that there is no one who believes in mistakes and in sin.Disease and death were never included in the Intelligent activity of the All-Good.

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