A Better Understanding Of Supply

having it all - allen white
“God is my supply.”
“God is my instant, constant, and abundant supply.”

In my early days, I said these words. I believed them. And, I lived by them. There were times, back then, when I was hours away from digging under sofa cushions for money to survive. But holding fast to the principle behind those opening words saved the day.

Hasn’t Truth Become Clearer For You?

Reader, haven’t you found it to be true that as the years go by, Truth becomes clearer? Don’t you find that statements you once clung to now ring with dualism? That’s what happened to me with this whole business of supply. I realized that GOD IS NOT MY SUPPLY. I realized that THERE IS NO SUPPLY.

Supply Wreaks Of Dualism

The word “supply” wreaks of dualism. Think about it. In the case of supply, you have the thing supplied and the one being supplied with the thing. How many is that? I counted two. Reader, you know that there is only ONE PRESENCE. So, something has to be wrong with the idea of God being your supply.

You and God are ONE – not two. You and this Presence called God are One, Infinite and Inseparable. How, then, can you be supplied? You can’t.

Fulfillment Is Completeness

Instead of supply, there is CONSTANCY OF FULFILLMENT. That’s what you are. That’s what I am. Or, you could look at it as being the CONSTANCY OF COMPLETENESS – lacking nothing. Like a tough steak, you might have to chew on this awhile. Take it into your contemplation and see what is revealed.

Reader, here is why you are the CONSTANCY OF FULFILLMENT. Your I AM includes every form and Identity that exists. More than that, your I AM IS EVERY FORM AND IDENTITY that exists. This fact is your CONSTANCY OF FULFILLMENT.

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