What Is Intelligence?

God Is All Allen White

Here is an author I have not shared on this blog. His name is John Hargreaves and the excerpt I am sharing comes from his book They Shall Be All Taught Of God.

Because intelligence is the prime quality of Mind (God), it is intelligence, not belief, that constitutes man. It is I, Mind, that knows this. Man is intelligence, and this intelligence is universal, infinite, indivisible. There is nothing unintelligent — and nothing more or less intelligent — going on.

There is no personal, comparative intelligence, and there can be no question of instilling intelligence into a human mind, or of expecting from this so-called mind, which is ignorance, any form of intelligence.

You cannot put new wine into old bottles. Spiritual sense sees intelligence instead of ignorance. If intelligence is omniscient, then there is no unintelligent thought and no mind to think it. If intelligence is omnipotent, then no claim of unintelligence has any power. If intelligence is omnipresent, then it is so here and now, just where the contrary claim may seem to be.

Because intelligence is infinite, it is one, and there are not intelligences…

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