Do You Need To Be Reminded?


“Allen, sometimes you suggest that readers remind themselves of some Truth throughout the day. What’s the difference between that and the affirmations of metaphysics?”

Affirmations, Do You Know What They Are?

When I first made the suggestion of these occasional reminders, readers thought that I had taken a hundred steps backwards into the dualism of metaphysics. But, I haven’t.

To tell you the truth, affirmations, in their original form, are not the demons people make them out to be. Affirmations are merely statements of spiritual Truth. Webster’s Dictionary defines the word affirm as “to state positively, or to assert as valid.” When someone says, “3 plus 2 equals 5,” that’s an affirmation based on mathematical truth. When someone says God is All, that’s an affirmation based on spiritual Truth.

Reader, if you have ever said, “I am Eternal Life,” you have asserted this as a valid statement based on God being All. Therefore, that statement is an affirmation.

Reminders Are Not Spells

There is, among many, an affirmation in metaphysical circles that has been ill-used and abused: GOD IS MY INSTANT, CONSTANT, AND ABUNDANT SUPPLY. When someone asserts this as a valid Truth, there is nothing wrong with this affirmation. But, here’s where the wheels fall off the wagon. Many people, who appear to be struggling to make ends meet and keep food on the table, say those words over and over hoping that the words will change the appearance from lack to plenty. Affirmations used this way are affirmations misused.

Reader, do you see that when you state any Truth hoping it will soon become true, that statement is not an affirmation at all? An affirmation is a statement of what IS and not what will be. This is the difference between a reminder and the misuse of affirmations found on the lower rungs of metaphysics.

On occasion I do suggest that you remind yourself of a particular Truth, however, I mean for you to first of all know that it is already true. Reminders are not spells. The words are not incantations to be spoken in hushed tones over red, Ylang-Ylang scented candles. They are statements of ever-present Truth that are as natural as saying “The sun is in the sky.”

Why Reminders Seem To Be Necessary

Reader, you may be thinking, “Allen. No one goes around saying 3 plus 2 equals 5 over and over. No one needs to remind themselves of this truth, so why should I have to remind myself of a spiritual Truth?” It’s because 3 plus 2 never appears to be 22. It’s because no one ever seems to see 3 plus 2 equal anything but 5 [in a base 10 operation].

Throughout your day, if pictures and suggestions of humanhood, age, lack, hatred, violence, war, sickness seem real enough for you to even talk about them, a gentle reminder will let you face these mirages knowing their nothingness.

It is true that one day these reminders (of what is true now) won’t seem to be necessary. You will know when that time comes. Remember, the idea was a suggestion. If, every now and again you can use a reminder, use it.

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