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Insights From The Seeing The Kingdom Of Heaven Challenge

Barbara, one of our “Challengers,” sent me an email sharing her new insight.
With her permission, I am publishing it as written.

Dear Allen,

In a conversation with my daughter who lives in DC last night (who was concerned about all of the work it appears she has to do and to whom I responded with “He perfometh that which is given me to do; He perfecteth that which concerneth me”) something came back to me that an Infinite Way teacher once shared:  Perfect means Complete.

Then, writing in my journal this morning, it came that seeing Perfection is seeing Completeness — nothing lacking or limited, nothing to be changed — and that is the Truth of Being.  Yes!  GOD IS ALL.

 Joyfully continuing in this Challenge with you and grateful for your work and spiritual help . . .

 In loving Oneness,


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Seeing The Kingdom Of Heaven (Pt. 2)

Kingdom Of Heaven (graphic representation)

The Benefits

Reader, you are no doubt asking yourself, “Now, if I follow the suggestions in this two-part series, what are the results that I can expect?” Here’s the answer:
At Bare Minimum

  • you will fall deeply in love with life
  • you will see more beauty in “your” world
  • you will experience a peace like you’ve never experienced before
  • affairs are harmonized (sometimes in seemingly miraculous ways)
  • you will experience more joy
  • you will KNOW that God Is the Only Evidence

Maybe not at first, but also

  • greater realization and experience of God’s allness
  • visual illumination where you see “your” world as pure Light
  • auric vision

It’s More Than Just Words

Reader, at first walking around telling yourself, “I Am Seeing the Kingdom of Perfection” will seem as though you are just saying words–good words, nevertheless just words. You may find yourself checking to see if things are really looking better or not.

It may happen like this. Your eyes will rest on something or someone, you will say, “I am seeing the Kingdom of Living Perfection right here and now.” Then you will really focus in on that thing (or person) trying to see if it changes in some positive way. STOP! …You do see that this is a denial of the FACT that you ARE seeing the EVIDENCE OF PERFECTION.

Think about it this way. If you are looking at a black cat ( I love em), you wouldn’t look at it hoping to see it change into a black cat, would you? Similarly, since you are seeing the Kingdom of Heaven, you are not hoping that anything or anyone will improve, or change, in any way.

Moving Through The Just Words Zone

Don’t get frustrated if you seem to be in this “just words” zone. And don’t turn back. Just keep right on acknowledging that you ARE seeing the Kingdom of Living Perfection. Presently you will find yourself saying, “Hey, this is more than just words, I am seeing the Kingdom of Heaven.” All I will say here is that you have just started to really live.

Silent Prayer And Contemplation

To get the most out of this Kingdom of Heaven seeing, silent prayer is your friend. Taking time out of your busy-ness to revel in the glory of Consciousness is a wonderful thing.

Take one of the ideas in Part 1 (any Truth idea) and consider all of the implications of that idea. Don’t struggle with this. Let it be easy. Then, ask Consciousness to reveal whatever it wants concerning this idea. Listen expectantly for revelation. Don’t make up stuff. If this turns into an exercise in frustration, get up and go about your business. It may seem like nothing is happening, but it always is.

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Seeing The Kingdom Of Heaven-(Pt.1)

To End Right, Start Right

These words should never leave your lips; this idea should never be entertained: “I understand all of this Truth, but I just don’t see the evidence of it.”The sound of those words are like fingernails dragging across a chalkboard.

Reader, what good is it to declare that you can’t see, and don’t see the Kingdom of Heaven here and now? Has that mantra worked for you–in the way that you want it to work?

Making A New Start

Let’s begin at the beginning. You know that God IS the only Presence. You know this (and it does you no good to pretend that you don’t). You know that God IS Perfection; IS Love; Is Light; Is Beauty, etc.

Knowing this ask yourself, right now, “What else is there for me to see but Perfection?” Now you’re on a roll. Boldly take the next step and claim, “I AM seeing the Kingdom of Heaven. I AM Seeing Pure Perfection. I am seeing the evidence of every Truth I’ve said and read. And I am seeing it NOW.”

A Plan Of Action

Reader, know that all that follows are not merely affirmations trying to make something happen in your life. Your base, your starting point is GOD IS ALL, and everything that follows merely fall in line with WHAT IS.  You are simply, and joyously stating what IS.

The Morning

In the morning, as soon as the your lids open, look around your room and acknowledge, “I AM seeing God’s presence.” Get specific, “I AM seeing Perfection. I AM seeing pure Spirit (I know this term seems nebulous–never mind that for now).

Most likely your first steps will be to the bathroom. You are bound to see the reflection of your Body in the mirror. Claim, “I AM seeing the Christ Body: the birthless, deathless, ageless Body. I am seeing the Christ Identity.”

Seeing Heaven At Work

This is where the thrills start. Once you leave your home, how many faces (identities) do you see? A lot, I’m sure. For each and every one of them, claim “I AM seeing God’s living Perfection. Right here, I AM seeing as much Christ as I will ever see. I am seeing the Being of Joy, Light, Love and Perfection.”

Reader, make this claim often. Especially for those who seem to rub you the wrong way.

Heaven In The Hallways,  Heaven In The Streets

A lot of people claim that they don’t like their job, and would give their right arm to be in a better place. Stop this nonsense. Reader, cant you see that your workplace is Holy Ground? Because God Is ALL, you do see that there is no better place than the place where  you ARE. Right where you are is the Kingdom of Heaven. Have you recognized this? Have you acknowledged it?
Then, let’s get busy.

Walk those corridors and claim, “Right this very moment, I AM seeing the Kingdom of Love. I AM seeing the Kingdom of Joy. I AM seeing the Kingdom of Peace. I AM seeing the Kingdom of Infinite Fulfillment.” Trust me when I say that your workplace will turn to a visible playplace as you acknowledge the SEEING of God’s Presence.

No Burger King Spirituality

You can’t have it both ways. Either you are the living presence of God, or you are not. If you are not, you will never be. If you are not, God is not all? “I am the Lord thy God, and beside me there is no other.”

To claim that you cannot and are not seeing the Kingdom of Heaven (the Evidence of Truth) is to deny your God-Identity. It is a denial that “I and the Father are one.” Where do you think that will get you?

Reader, because GOD IS ALL, you are seeing the Kingdom of Heaven, the land of Living Truth, right now.