Having A Great Time In Heaven — Now

For the month of July I am taking a break. Instead of writing new articles, I am posting some more of my favorite passages from other Absolute authors. This week’s post is from Vivian May Williams’ There Is Nothing But God.

How can I truthfully declare that I am well when I feel ill? Declare abundance when I apparently have no money? Declare happiness when I am miserable?

Truth is always declaring Itself. Truth (God) is the only speaker. When you declare I am healthy;” “I am wealthy;” “I am happy;” you are functioning in divine Intelligence. The “illusory sense” which reports disease, poverty and misery is ignorant of its false conceptions.

No matter what the false report may appear to be, you are eternally having a joyous and prosperous time in heaven. This is the truth that Jesus said would set you free.

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