The Solution To Every Problem

Transforming Power Of A Oneness Contemplation

If dualism is the root of all problems, then ONENESS is the solution to all problems. It does not matter what the nature of the problem appears to be, ONENESS IS THE ANSWER. Dear reader, you can experience a great “transformation” of your life by completely realizing, “I and my Father are one.” By contemplating this Truth, and letting revelation after revelation come forth, every area of your life will be showered with miracles. Of course nothing really changes, and nothing is transformed, but the Finished Kingdom of Heaven, present here and now, is revealed and experienced.

Similarly, scaling the heights and plumbing the depths of the realization that THERE IS ONLY ONE PRESENCE AND ONE POWER IN AND AS ALL THE UNIVERSE can seem to transform your life, as if a fairy-godmother waved her magic wand over your world.

Never Battle Externals – Realize Truth

Beloved, never battle with so called externals. Never fight against anything or anyone that seems to be outside of you. Deal only with your Consciousness. Deal only with your Perception and Awareness. Settle the matter in your own God Consciousness, and you will completely resolve any seeming difficulty. I know you have read this many times, but do you understand its full implication? If you do, you would understand that you would never battle a headache with a pill. You would never battle a loved one with caustic words or threats of violence. Instead, you would stand still and clearly realize that God is the one and only Presence, Power, Identity, and Manifestation. Furthermore, you would know that YOU, YOURSELF, ARE THIS PRESENCE AND POWER. Having perceived this with utmost clarity, there are no issues to resolve.

Excerpt from Sounds Of The Trumpet-David and Goliath

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