So Many Things To Pray About – Where Do I Start?

God Is All

The Things

Fix a thing. Repair a thing. Heal a thing. Add a thing. Get rid of a thing. With prayer, it always seems to be about a thing. But here’s the thing: As long as prayer is about things, you will always have a thing to pray about. And as long as you are praying about things, the conscious enjoyment of God’s Allness will never happen.

Did Your Early Days Of Prayer Look Like This?

Your personal history of prayer certainly doesn’t help. Like mine, it probably started with thing-based prayer. Grammy prayed to heal your broken leg. While you prayed for a new toy, dad prayed for a better job, and momma prayed for new furniture. In the church, the preacher prayed for healing of the sick and shut-in, and the “Women’s Guild” prayed to get the drug-dealing hoodlums out of the neighborhood.

The Most Effective Way To Pray

Reader, let’s get back on track! God is the only presence. God is the only power. And God is not a thing. In God’s Allness, where are the things? Nowhere! Okay, I can hear you thinking, “But Allen, there are forms, right?” Yes, there are. But these forms we have mistakenly called things are God and their nature is God.

Jesus teaching his disciples about prayer said, “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God . . . and all these things will be added unto you.” Pray to know God. Pray to experience God. Pray to know your Identity is in God as God. This is “right” prayer. There are no things in this prayer, and yet this thing-less prayer piles the needed things (forms) right in your lap. Why is this?

Because the forms that you and I have called things, by various names, are God. Nothing is added, but these seemingly invisible forms are effortlessly revealed in all their spiritual glory.

Reader, are you worried trying to figure out how to pray about the many things that seem to be troubling you? Leave things completely out of your prayers and seek a clearer realization of the nature of God. In discovering God’s nature (via Revelation) you discover your nature, and in discovering your nature, you discover the nature of all those forms you thought were separated from you by time and space.

You can read more on the practicality of this kind of praying in Chapter 3 of God Is All.
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