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Real Love

You Are Infinity

Do you take a few moments each day to contemplate your Identity? Then consider this one important FACT: Whether you are sitting in your favorite chair, standing in line at the grocery store, or lying on the bed, the I AM that YOU ARE is not confined to that location. Although YOU include your body-form, and your so-called environment in the I AM that you ARE, YOU (being Infinity itself) are not confined to anything or anywhere. YOU ARE BOUNDLESS BEING. You are Infinity being Infinite.

Right now, you are probably asking yourself what any of this has to do with Love. The truth you read in the first paragraph is true of every reader of this blog. It is true of every identity that you know (whether they seem to “be in truth” or not). And because you, your friends, and neighbors IS (singular on purpose) Infinity being infinite, ALL IS ONE and ONE IS ALL.

In this oneness, separation is merely the fabrication of a human imagination. And since the human being is a non-being, right where there seems to be separation is ONENESS IN ACTION. This is Real Love.

Walking The Talk

Now take this off the screen into your daily life. You see dozens of people throughout the day. It appears that each identity that you see is confined to their body form, and each one is separate from the other. They are not. As you are talking with people at the office, the store, and most of all at home, say to yourself, “This identity that I am talking with is not confined to this form standing here. She is boundless being–Infinity being infinite.”

But also say (or know) to yourself, “I am not confined to this body form standing here. I am boundless being. My “I” and their “I” is one inseparable I. There is no place where her Infinity leaves off and mine begins. It is One.”

If you are conscious of these facts throughout the day, you would need life to be eternal just to hunt up the right words to describe how your “relationships” have changed for the indescribably better.

This is Real Love.

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Seeing The Kingdom Of Heaven (Pt. 2)

Kingdom Of Heaven (graphic representation)

The Benefits

Reader, you are no doubt asking yourself, “Now, if I follow the suggestions in this two-part series, what are the results that I can expect?” Here’s the answer:
At Bare Minimum

  • you will fall deeply in love with life
  • you will see more beauty in “your” world
  • you will experience a peace like you’ve never experienced before
  • affairs are harmonized (sometimes in seemingly miraculous ways)
  • you will experience more joy
  • you will KNOW that God Is the Only Evidence

Maybe not at first, but also

  • greater realization and experience of God’s allness
  • visual illumination where you see “your” world as pure Light
  • auric vision

It’s More Than Just Words

Reader, at first walking around telling yourself, “I Am Seeing the Kingdom of Perfection” will seem as though you are just saying words–good words, nevertheless just words. You may find yourself checking to see if things are really looking better or not.

It may happen like this. Your eyes will rest on something or someone, you will say, “I am seeing the Kingdom of Living Perfection right here and now.” Then you will really focus in on that thing (or person) trying to see if it changes in some positive way. STOP! …You do see that this is a denial of the FACT that you ARE seeing the EVIDENCE OF PERFECTION.

Think about it this way. If you are looking at a black cat ( I love em), you wouldn’t look at it hoping to see it change into a black cat, would you? Similarly, since you are seeing the Kingdom of Heaven, you are not hoping that anything or anyone will improve, or change, in any way.

Moving Through The Just Words Zone

Don’t get frustrated if you seem to be in this “just words” zone. And don’t turn back. Just keep right on acknowledging that you ARE seeing the Kingdom of Living Perfection. Presently you will find yourself saying, “Hey, this is more than just words, I am seeing the Kingdom of Heaven.” All I will say here is that you have just started to really live.

Silent Prayer And Contemplation

To get the most out of this Kingdom of Heaven seeing, silent prayer is your friend. Taking time out of your busy-ness to revel in the glory of Consciousness is a wonderful thing.

Take one of the ideas in Part 1 (any Truth idea) and consider all of the implications of that idea. Don’t struggle with this. Let it be easy. Then, ask Consciousness to reveal whatever it wants concerning this idea. Listen expectantly for revelation. Don’t make up stuff. If this turns into an exercise in frustration, get up and go about your business. It may seem like nothing is happening, but it always is.

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