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You Are Invited To Participate

It’s been years since Absolutely Yours has called for an “All-Hands-On-Deck” project. I think that now is a good time to invite you (and every other reader) to participate in this 30-Day I-Am-Already-Enlightened Prayer Project.

The Foundation Of This Project

Reader, you are sincere about God being All. You are sincere about honoring your God Identity, and you are sincere about experiencing the kingdom of heaven now (in this lifetime). If these are false assumptions about yourself, stop reading this post.

If you made it to this sentence, I can safely assume that you frequently contemplate God’s Allness. Perhaps you sit in short (or long) periods of silence listening for the “still small voice.” This is good, but this “Project” is going to tweak what you are already doing. Read on!

Starting With God’s Allness

Starting from God’s Allness as your base point, you have to agree that God is the only Mind or Awareness. And, don’t you agree that this Mind is not seeking more Light, but is the Light Itself? Aren’t you included in this Awareness? Let me rephrase that. Isn’t this infinite, omnipresent Awareness, that is Light Itself, the very I that you are? Please answer me.

The Inevitable Conclusion

This means that right now – right as you read this post, you are totally and completely enlightened. You are not a seeker after the Light, but rather, you are the Light Itself. Reader, if you were not completely enlightened (or illumined) right now, God would not be All.

Before we get to the “Project,” there’s one more question. Do you contemplate Truth and sit in silences hoping to be more enlightened? Do you hope for Illumination? It’s okay if your answer is “yes,” but you must be aware of the implications.

Hoping for more enlightenment and Illumination is starting from the false premise that you are a seeker after the Light rather than the Light Itself. Reader, nothing good can come from a false premise. It’s time to get back on track. I promise you that nothing but good can come from this “Project.”

Starting The Prayer Project With The Tweak

Starting on February 1, I am asking you (and all readers) to contemplate the following idea (not necessarily the exact words) for 30 days.

As God is All, and all that I AM, I am totally illumined and enlightened right now and always. I am the Light Itself. I am Illumination Itself. I AM the full understanding of Truth, for I am Truth Itself.

Feel free to change the words to suit what works for you, but keep the same basic ideas. Follow this with a period of silence – [here’s The Tweak] not seeking the Light, but being the Light. Let your Consciousness surge and soar as Infinite Awareness.

The Challenge goes through March 1, 2016. After the 30 days are over, please write and let me know about your experience.

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How You Can Experience Illumination

Allen  White God Is All

It Happens When You Least Expect It

Many people have wondered, “What is it that I can do to experience illumination?” To squelch unnecessary angst, know this: Illumination cannot be forced. Trying anxiously to experience illumination is like trying to fly by vigorously flapping your arms. It won’t work.

Surprisingly, illumination is often experienced when you least expect it. It happens suddenly and most often when you are not praying, contemplating or meditating. Illumination can happen at any time, but don’t be surprised if it’s while:

  • mowing the lawn
  • cleaning the house
  • jogging
  • attending a meeting
  • shopping for groceries
  • bathing

Illumination, experiencing existence as it is, cannot be forced. Yet there are some things you can do that will prepare the way – things that will open the door for an illumined experience. Below are what I believe to be absolute essentials.

Passion To Know Truth (God)

Reader, have you ever been passionate about something (or someone)? Whatever it was, that thing hijacked your waking thoughts – and even your dreams! It gave you a reason for getting up in the morning with a smile on your face.

A passion to know Truth (God) is a door opener for the experience of illumination. Christ Jesus articulated this passion for Truth in this one priceless idea: “Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy strength, and with all thy mind.”

When you have this passion to know God, directly, it shapes your prayer life. It determines – even drives – every aspect of your praying. A passion to know God determines the how’s, when’s and why’s of your praying.

Purity Of Motive

Purity of motive and passion; seldom does one exist without the other. Why do you pray? Why do you contemplate? Why do you listen to hear the “still small voice”? What’s your motive? Are you trying to heal a sick body? Are you trying to fill an empty wallet? Are you trying to land the perfect job? Perhaps looking for someone to fill the empty, lonely nights? I can’t say that you won’t get these things with prayer, but they repel Illumination.

The strongest magnet for an illumined experience is purity of motive. What does that look like? It’s when God (and nothing else) is the reason for praying. It’s when God (and nothing else) is the reason for contemplating. It’s when God (and nothing else) is the reason for listening to hear that “still small voice”.

I, like many people, started off in the “how to get more stuff” branch of metaphysics. I got stuff, but wanted more – I wanted God. I remember praying for many days, “God, of myself, I cannot love you with all my heart, but I’m willing. Let me love you with all that I am.”

I know there is a dualism lurking around in there, but it did the trick. I have shared this with many people who wanted to purify their motives for praying, and for those who tried it, it worked like a charm. And when I say worked, I mean that they did go on to experience Illumination.

Be A Stay The Course Person (STCP)

You would not be reading this blog if you did not sense/feel that God is now and already the only Presence and Power. Yes, the way sometimes seems rough as 30-grit sandpaper, but you continue to hang in there. You keep praying. You keep reading. You keep contemplating. This is a good thing.

Staying with the spiritual facts, even before they are revealed to be facts, is the one common factor in every case of illumination. Let’s take the body as an example (but this applies to your worldview as well). Before it is revealed that there is only One Body – God embodied, the STCP (Stay The Course Person) acknowledges her Body to be a spiritual Body. The STCP acknowledges God’s Perfection to be the only Substance of her Body. She acknowledges it to be birthless, deathless, timeless and ageless because God is all of these things.

The STCP doesn’t waffle-waffle between the spiritual reality of the Body and the seeming material reality of the Body. At one moment she isn’t contemplating the spiritual nature of the Body and later in the evening investigating scientific laws and facts of the Body. Although, at times, all seems black as a starless night sky, she stays the course. And, this is before she has experienced any revelation.

How is the STCP able to do this without Revelation? The Presence that moves her to read the books, comb through the blogs, and listen to the spiritual audios is the same Presence and Power that moves her to take these truths off of the pages into her daily living. She’s not waiting for some magical moment before she acknowledges God’s Allness.

Frequently, I hear some variation of this spineless excuse, “Allen, it would be easier to stick with the spiritual facts if I had some Revelation to go on.” My answer is this: I have never known anyone to make spiritual progress by waiting for Revelation before they acknowledge God’s Allness and Onlyness.

Reader, if you are reading this blog, or any similar blog, and if you are reading any spiritual books at all, stop waiting for Revelation. Start NOW acknowledging God and only God in, through and as All. Couple that with your passion and purity, and share your first experience of illumination with our readers.