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A Reader Shares His Experience With The I AM Exercise

I had many responses to my most recent blog (The I AM Exercise). One that really caught my attention was from Johann who lives in South Africa.

“Hi Allen, I followed your suggestion as per the blog entry and yesterday I went to fetch my niece from College. I called all I AM in my mind and had such great experiences.”

He goes on to report: experiencing friendly people, easy parking, and then states that something else happened.

“I was waiting for my niece at a coffee shop and while waiting had a desert. When I left I went to the cashier to pay. I took out of my wallet R40 (1x R20 bill and 2x R10 bills) the cashier then showed me she has R50 in her hand (1xR20 bill and 3x R10 bills). This was amazing and it afforded me to leave the friendly waitress a bigger tip. This is my motto now, see all and everything as the I AM.”

I hope that Johann’s letter (written just two days after the post) inspires you to start the I AM exercise right away. Here is the exercise.

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Has The Devil Wormed Its Way Into Your Spiritual Practice?

Allen White  God Is All

Just When I Thought I Was Done With The Devil

“Allen, I just had to get out of the Baptist church. The preacher talked more about the works of the devil than the power of God. Every Sunday I felt like Satan was sitting beside me.” Hoping to leave the devil behind, Sharon left the Baptist church. She explored other churches and opened herself to new ideas. One evening she attended a tape group where she heard the speaker talk about “finite sense” and “universal beliefs.” At one church, the reader mentioned something about “animal magnetism.”

Soon, Sharon prattled on about illusions, appearances, animal magnetism, “the seeming,” and at moments, when she wanted to sound really sophisticated, she spoke in low tones about the “veil of Maya.”

The “Aha” Moment

But one day Sharon thought,“Wait a minute here. Just when I thought I left the devil in the pew, here he is in the study group draped in new clothes with a host of new names: appearances, finite sense, mortal mind, etc. Sure, the name has changed, but it’s the same ol’ game – something going on other than God.”

It does no good to give a non-existent devil a new name if you’re dealing with the same culprit. Take away the pitchfork and red suit. Dress it up in white linen, and give it a new name; it’s still the same thing – A LIE.

Take Wing And Fly

Reader, answer this question honestly. When you left the traditional church to embrace a “higher spirituality,” didn’t you feel a little unsettled every time you heard or read the words illusion, appearance, and mortal mind? Didn’t you – at least once – say to yourself, “Ohhhhh boy, here we go again?”

Why did you feel this way? Because you knew and know that God Is All, and beside God there is nothing at all – nothing.

Fly on the wings of your innate knowing into the glorious experience of God’s Allness. There are no appearances to clip your wings. There are no illusions to alter your course. There are no mortal minds to lower your altitude. Fly on! God Is All!

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The Evidence Of Truth Is Right Where It Should Be


The Neglected Omni

Of all the omnis, you’ve probably read, said, and heard these two the most: omnipresence and omnipotence. One woman looked at me with pleading eyes and said, “Allen, you’ve got to come up with a new way of getting these ideas across. I can’t listen to one more omni-anything.” It’s a fact that when spiritual writers start writing about God, we bang away at these two omnis. So let’s move on to the most ignored, and perhaps the most important of all the omnis: OMNIEVIDENCE.

This word excites me! Say it to yourself a few times. By the end of this article, just a mental glance at the word Omnievidence will be more satisfying than a slice of mile-high apple pie topped with honey-bourbon caramel swirls.

Omnievidence Breakdown

Years ago, I noticed something interesting in a book by Emma Curtis Hopkins. (You have no idea how many letters I have in a box from people trying to convince me that I am the reincarnation of E.C. Hopkins.) In this book, Ms. Hopkins etymologically deconstructs the word omnipresence. To illustrate the breakdown, I am going to use the word Omnievidence.
Om = all
Ni (nil) = nothing
Evidence = evidence

Look at “Ni.” It sits securely and comfortably—almost smugly—between Om and Evidence. Did you figure out the breakdown? Here it is: THERE IS NOTHING (NO THING) BETWEEN THE ALLNESS AND THE EVIDENCE OF GOD’S PRESENCE.

God’s Evidence Is The Only Evidence

Reader. Haven’t you heard someone say, “Yes, I know all of that, but I just don’t see the evidence of it?” Don’t believe it! There is no person, place, condition or thing between God’s allness and God’s evidence.

Between God’s allness and God’s evidence there is no dream, no dreamer, no appearance, and no human struggling to perceive this Truth. All that is evident is the allness of God. Take a moment and say to yourself, “There is nothing between me (God-I AM) and God’s Evidence.” Thus:

There is only One Presence.
There is only One Power.
There is only One Evidence.

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Truth Is Not A Cold Cream (excerpt by Alfred Aiken)

cold cream jar allen white

Every application of Truth is a denial of Truth. To “apply” Truth means to have a condition, state, circumstance or thing to apply It to. That means that you are starting out with a problem. The moment you attempt to apply Truth in order to correct, heal, change, alleviate or in some way subjugate a problem, you have forsaken Truth, denied It–you have rejected Spirit; you have started with a problem that is not true. To begin by denying Reality at the outset is to be prodigal, and whatever, purportedly, is done as a prodigal is a denial, a complete ignoring and evasion of Truth.

One cannot “apply” Reality. One does not get Truth out of a jar. It does not come as a cold cream. It does not come, as some seem to think, canned and with directions as to how much to spray on your troubles. It is not something that you can brush on, or a liquid that you can bathe in.

Truth is who and what you are. It is Reality Itself; It is Omnipresence Itself; It is Truth, Itself, being…There is no other life, there is no other Existence, there is no other Being.

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