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Don’t Shortchange Yourself

This excerpt is by Lillian DeWaters from her pamphlet The Time Is At Hand.

Why Do This To Yourself?

Why stop at saying that the Truth of things is perfect and that Heaven is Perfect in Itself, when it is your self, your body and your experience which you wish to see picture forth the “Kingdom, the Power, and the Glory?”

Open your vision to the fact that there is only one Being, and that this is your Being. For Being is not dual. Claim the completeness, the infinity, the perfection of your entire Being which includes your Body

Hold The High Watch

All creation is ideal, lovely, enchanting and satisfying. There are really no “others,” for in your universe you stand as one with all. In such realization of Yourself as The One there is no mistake to be corrected, no sickness to be healed, no person to be redeemed.

The seeming problem disappears: simply to withdraw from all belief of duality, multiplicity and sense of otherness, and to hold the High Watch, brings instead the vision of the completeness and infinity of all Good, all Health, all Abundance, all Joy now here and anywhere.

In proportion as one can rise to perform this act of the Truth can he fulfill the commission “Heal the sick and raise the dead.” And who are the sick? Who are the dead? Verily, who can they be and where can they exist if the Self be ALL? The commission is fulfilled in Revelation.

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The Proof Of God’s Allness In Your Life


Oops! That’s What I’ve Been Doing

Hoping and waiting for the evidence of God’s Allness are the culprits that seem to hide the experience of Truth’s evidence. Hoping, wishing, and waiting for the evidence of Truth to appear is a flat-out denial that God Is All. How subtle this is!

Many sincere “students” of Truth are unknowingly investing their attention in the denial of the established fact that God Is All. Every time the truth of God’s Allness is contemplated with the hope and wish for its evidence, the Fact is at once denied.

It is a self-defeating practice to contemplate the fact of God’s Allness, and at the same time hope for health, a windfall, or a change of some appearance for the better. Simply put, most people lack the experience of the evidence of Truth because they, in their hopes and wishes for such evidence, are actually denying its presence as an already established fact.

I’ll Try This Instead

… Beloved, no change is needed in your life at all. Your Life is the evidence of God – pure, holy and perfect in every way. Simply stay with the Fact that God is the only Evidence evidenced. Nothing needs to be added to or removed from your Life.

Excerpt from Sounds Of The Trumpet-The Evidence

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All Of A Sudden It Was Over

I Had To Get Out Of This Dark Place

You won’t believe this. Last Sunday afternoon I nosedived into a dark and gloomy state of depression. For an hour, I rolled and wallowed around in this dark “mental” funk. I wanted to talk to someone, so I picked up the phone and called a good friend. After rushing through the social courtesies, I warned “Today is your lucky day. I don’t usually do this, but I’ve got to vent.” She endured my venting for a blink-of-the-eye moment. (I didn’t expect much more.) Then, she took a courageous stab or two at lifting my spirits. She didn’t.

And It Didn’t Take Long

I hung up and hurriedly crawled back to that dark place. Reader, I don’t frequent this place. My visits are few and years between. While sitting in my favorite chair, staring at the wall, that line from the blog I posted on August 19 – Don’t Try To Still Your Mind whispered to me: “This is not Mind. It is not me.” I realized that the mind thinking these thoughts and feeling this way is not Mind (God). Therefore it is no part of me. It was like someone snatched a black towel from over my eyes. All was Light and laughter, and I never went back to that dark place.

Reader – dark, depressing, negative thoughts are not Mind. They are not you. “You are the Light of the world.”

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Change Or Changeless

This post has already been sent out to God Is All E-Course Subscribers. Starting with the next post, the only difference between readers of this blog and course subscribers is that subscribers will receive practical tips on putting the post into practice.

President Obama swept into the White House on a promise of change.
People in the United States were pining and panting for a change.
Did they get the change they wanted?
Who knows.

Desiring A Change

It does not matter what country you live in, people seem to want change. Some want to change their partners, and some want to change their jobs. Others want to change where they live, or how they live. Then, there are those who want to change their health or finances. If you don’t believe that everyone seems to be seeking change, ask anyone this question: “If you could change anything in your life, what would it be?” You won’t have to wait sixty seconds before someone starts stammering and stuttering to articulate an answer.

Reader, if you can look at your life right now and see any areas crying out for a change, do not try to fix them. That can be a long, laborious, and fruitless task fraught with frustration. There is a better way!

The Solution

The best way to accomplish what you want – total life satisfaction – is by focusing on the Changeless One rather than constantly gazing at the apparently broken areas of your life. Yes, contemplating God (and what God IS) as the only Presence and the only Power will do more for you than manhandling and manipulating the appearances in your life. Try it and see for yourself.

Reader, you say that there is only one Presence and only one Power, so what mind is hoping to change things? Is it the Mind that is God? Is it the mind of man? Are there two minds? Does God, the Changeless One, know of anything that needs changing? These are the questions I ask myself when I slip into the chasm of change.

How Are You Identifying Yourself?

Desiring a change of any kind is to identify yourself with a mind that does not exist. It is to identify yourself as an identity (human) that is not real. Talk about reducing yourself to nothing! It gets no better than this. Consider this! The conditions that the unreal identity experiences (those needing change) are as unreal as the identity wanting to change them. [You may have to read that again.]

Having The Single Vision

Earlier in this article, I suggested that contemplating God’s Allness is the best way for total life satisfaction. It is, but here’s the caveat. You must be single-visioned. Contemplating God one moment and looking for a change the next moment is being double-visioned. Christ Jesus said, “A double minded man is unstable in all his ways.”

Contemplate God’s Allness until you experience the realization, that despite the appearances, God (and what God IS) is the only reality. This is the way of Power. Now, try it for yourself.

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No More Problems – Ever!


Can You Imagine This?

Can you imagine living the rest of your life without any problems? Okay, so you can imagine it, but do you believe it is possible for you to never have another problem for the rest of your life? This is not a rhetorical question. Please answer it. And, reader, know that I am not talking about merely being able to better cope with problems, but actually having no problems at all.

Too Comfortable With Problems

It seems that we’ve snuggled up too comfortably with the idea of having problems such that the thought of having no problems causes a brain freeze. You probably even know some people who need problems to work on as a reason to crawl out of bed in the morning.

Let’s not forget about that other group of people – the ones who think, “If I am really faithful to my spiritual practice, one day I’ll reach the point where I will never have problems to deal with.” Minus the time element (and other dualisms), there is some Truth to this idea.

Get This Right And The Rest Is Simple

Reader, answer these two questions: Who has problems? Does God have problems? The answer is obvious. Human beings, not God Being, have problems.

Humans, not God, have health problems. Humans, not God, have relationship problems. Humans have financial problems. (I’ve got to stop here, because I’m having a “problem” completing this list.)

Try this. If you seem to be in the cold, clamping grip of some problem, rather than praying with a focus on your suffering, ask your God Self, “Does God know anything about this problem?” Wait for an answer. Repeat if necessary! If you do this, you will never waste your prayer time seeking God to do something about a thing God knows nothing of. Let’s move on.

De-Humanize Yourself

If it is the human that seems to have these problems, then the solution to a life riddled with problems is to de-humanize yourself. This is a matter of revelation and realization where you realize that your Self (body included) includes no human element whatsoever. The process is simple.

Ask this one question of your God Self: “Who Am I?” Ask and listen. Repeat daily until the answer is revealed. There is one catch. You must be willing to suspend every human, mortal idea of yourself. Ideas such as:

  • race
  • gender
  • nationality
  • age (birthdays)
  • genetics
  • height, weight
  • etc.

Note, I said that you must be willing to surrender these ideas. With this one simple willingness, revelations concerning the Truth of your Identity are certain.

The paradox (as I’m sure you have already realized) is that you have never been human. Even in the thick of your seeming problems, you have never had a human experience. You have never had a problem. Only in the illusion has humanhood appeared to be. God Is All. All Is God.

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Makes You Think About What You’re Doing – Doesn’t It?

This is my “Quote Month.” It’s been awhile since I’ve quoted Alfred Aiken, so I will devote this entry to some of my favorite Aiken quotes.

“A question has been raised as to business–advertising and salesmanship. No greater evidence of the value of advertising can be found than in the thriving “business” of evil. Anyone “believing” in evil, operates as its salesman. His commission and salary are generally high. The instant one goes to work for error, he begins to collect commissions which double and double again. There is never a “fall” in the market, a recession–it is always a “bull” market.” [Note the double entendre]

“When I am “working,” in Truth, and I say “dry,” I mean dry. I don’t mean wet! When I say “Omnipresence,” I don’t mean omniabsence. When I say “All Is,” I don’t mean that All isn’t! When I say “Totatlity-Is,” it’s because It is. I didn’t make it so!”

“If your eyes seem to trouble you, and you “begin” with “troubled eyes,” trying to heal them, you’ll never succeed. But, if you “start” with Infinite Intelligence as All, the Alone One-I-Presence, it may suddenly appear as though your eyes see better than they ever did before. This holds good in every other way. Never deal with, or in problems, but”begin” with All as all, the only, and there will be no place, no identity for a “problem.”

(just reapeating)”Words will get you nowhere! Take any statement of Truth that you make, or read, and discover what it means, discover if you admit that the Truth you declare as being here and now is actual Truth! If what you declare is Truth, then it must follow that whatever is contradictory, opposite, unlike the Truth of your statement, must here and now be false, a lie, invalid, hence powerless, a fiction, nonsense! How then can it harm or be troublesome, and to whom, or to what?”


When You Feel Like Giving Up, Don’t!

A Revelation So Powerful

Most often – in 95% of cases – Revelation and Manifestation are like conjoined twins in that one never shows up without the other. And there are occasions when Truth reveals itself so powerfully that it seems to shake the rafters of your Consciousness. That should be the end of the seeming problem – so you would think.

Stand Firm and Don’t Give Up

Like a tick on a dog’s belly, instead of disappearing, the problem clings more stubbornly. What do you do? You stand firm! This is not the time to get weak in the knees and collapse. Hold fast to your Revelation.Take every opportunity you can to sit and contemplate the Truth that’s been revealed.

Manifestation Is

I’ve been asked many times if I have ever experienced Revelation without its twin (Manifestation). Of course I have. The first time a revelation came forth without manifestation, I think I went into a coma. When I came to I thought, “This can’t be.” Now, on the rare occasion when it happens, I almost rejoice because I know that the manifestation IS (despite its seeming absence), and all I have to do is stay with the ISNESS of the Revelation. Reader, that is all you have to do. STAY WITH THE ISNESS OF THE REVELATION.

“And let us not be weary in well doing, for in due
season we shall reap if we faint not.”
(Gal. 6:9)

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Help Me Find This Other Mind

Searching But Not Finding

I apologize for being late posting this entry, but I’ve been busy searching for something. Just to verify a rumor, I’ve been searching high and low for this “other mind” that people keep talking about. I cannot find it.

But You Said There Is Only One

Many Absolutists heartily proclaim “O’ I know there is only one presence.” And then in a few more breaths, they speak about folk who don’t understand this Truth, and folk who are not quite ready for this Truth. They even talk of folk with a lesser consciousness. All this translates to two or more minds. Consider what follows.

The false belief that there are some folk walking around this “kingdom of heaven” not ready to hear the Absolute Truth implies that there is a Mind that is not the Absolute Truth — not God. Whenever I hear someone say, “Allen, some people are not ready for this Truth,” I think to myself that they need to sit down and examine exactly what they mean when they say, “God is the only Presence.” How do they define “only”?

What Does Only Mean To You?

When they say only, do they mean existing with no other, or do they mean existing with a few others? Webster’s dictionary defines only as “existing with no other,” and that’s what I mean when I say God is the only Presence.

Not only is everyone ready to hear this Truth, but everyone is already present as this Truth and is actually conscious of Being this Truth. If they were not, God Consciousness would not be the only Consciousness. God would not be the only presence.

If you think someone is not ready for the Absolute, be certain that you know there is only ONE and ONE ALONE, and that YOU ARE THIS ONE. Then, and only then, is it clear to see that everyone is this ONE, and only this ONE.

One Alone

Recently I’ve gotten very clear on the importance of being absolutely Absolute. If dualism is allowed to blossom in one arena of your awareness and experience, it seems to drop seeds in other areas. Of course, the seeming is never the reality, but sometimes the pain seems real. All this can be avoided, by recognizing and acknowledging just ONE and ONE ALONE.

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Are You Waiting For A Miracle?

Taking Out The Trash

There are some words that no longer fit in our vocabulary. They need to be uprooted and permanently eliminated immediately. At the top of the list is the word tomorrow. And while you are uprooting it, don’t miss its siblings: soon, later, become, progress and improve. They usually hover very close to tomorrow.

Some Time(ly) Questions

Reader, I have a few questions to ask you. Do you think that with each prayer – each contemplation – things will get better? Do you believe that with longer or more frequent meditations you will become more enlightened? Do you think that in time your healing or long-awaited miracle will finally happen?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, I have just a few more questions to ask you. What about today? Isn’t God All today — now? Will God become more “All” tomorrow because you contemplated? Isn’t what you call “spiritual progress” actually a flat-out denial of the HERE and NOW of God and all that God is?

Now God Is All

Please allow me just two more questions. Do you think your Consciousness (which actually is God being Conscious) can become more enlightened than it is right now? Isn’t the belief in future enlightenment denying God to be the ONLY MIND and CONSCIOUSNESS?

All is God and God is All – now. There’s no becoming and progressing to this Allness. Reader, you are this Allness in living, loving action. Contemplate this and let Consciousness reveal even more of that which already IS.

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What Are You Saying That You Are Seeing?

I could hear that his heart was in every word when he said, “Allen, I’m sick and tired of seeing sickness and death. I just don’t know what to do.” If you were listening in, you would have rolled on the floor laughing at my feeble attempts to answer him. I was having a hard time because I was trying to be sensitive to his seeming plight, and at the same time share a word of Truth. No one says what I was trying to say better than Lillian DeWaters in her book “The Time Is At Hand.” Below is the excerpt – a long excerpt.

When, apparently, one sees injury and hears discord are his senses reporting correctly and truly or are they reporting otherwise? Does the reader feel capable of answering this question readily, accurately and understandingly?

Some say, “My physical senses are reporting inharmony but my spiritual senses are recognizing Reality.” Now those who speak of the Senses as being physical are in need of deeper insight and a scientific mode of expression.

Another may answer, “My senses are spiritual, but they are reporting untruly, for they are seeing an accident.” Here one is deciding inconsistently, for how could perfect Senses report imperfectly?

The facts are these: The spiritual Senses (and there are no others), are always reporting correctly and truly, for Perfection is forever manifesting and registering Perfection.

Someone asks, “When I see an accident are not my eyes telling me so? Are they not witnessing the injury?” No. Your Eyes, being spiritual and perfect, are seeing no accident whatsoever.

If while walking in the twilight, one mistakes a post for a tramp are his eyes reporting the post or the tramp? Pictured on the eyes is the post, for this is what is present. The eyes are not reporting a tramp, for the simple reason that none is present.

Likewise, when one reports that the coiled shape on the floor is a serpent his eyes are not deceived. His eyes are seeing the rope but his mind is falsifying the evidence.

Turn again to the original question which was this: When, apparently, one sees injury and hears discord are his senses reporting correctly and truly or are they reporting otherwise? Now clearly discern its correct answer which is: “My Senses are reporting truly and correctly, and they are seeing and hearing the Glory and Harmony of the perfect Universe.

It is erring mind, or human sense, (not Senses), which weaves the illusion, just as when the picture of a tramp appears instead of the actual outline of the post. Since it(human sense) believes in accidents, in injuries and disasters the mind declares that it seems them, but it is practicing a deception upon itself, and is thus a victim to its own illusions.

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