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What Are You Saying That You Are Seeing?

I could hear that his heart was in every word when he said, “Allen, I’m sick and tired of seeing sickness and death. I just don’t know what to do.” If you were listening in, you would have rolled on the floor laughing at my feeble attempts to answer him. I was having a hard time because I was trying to be sensitive to his seeming plight, and at the same time share a word of Truth. No one says what I was trying to say better than Lillian DeWaters in her book “The Time Is At Hand.” Below is the excerpt – a long excerpt.

When, apparently, one sees injury and hears discord are his senses reporting correctly and truly or are they reporting otherwise? Does the reader feel capable of answering this question readily, accurately and understandingly?

Some say, “My physical senses are reporting inharmony but my spiritual senses are recognizing Reality.” Now those who speak of the Senses as being physical are in need of deeper insight and a scientific mode of expression.

Another may answer, “My senses are spiritual, but they are reporting untruly, for they are seeing an accident.” Here one is deciding inconsistently, for how could perfect Senses report imperfectly?

The facts are these: The spiritual Senses (and there are no others), are always reporting correctly and truly, for Perfection is forever manifesting and registering Perfection.

Someone asks, “When I see an accident are not my eyes telling me so? Are they not witnessing the injury?” No. Your Eyes, being spiritual and perfect, are seeing no accident whatsoever.

If while walking in the twilight, one mistakes a post for a tramp are his eyes reporting the post or the tramp? Pictured on the eyes is the post, for this is what is present. The eyes are not reporting a tramp, for the simple reason that none is present.

Likewise, when one reports that the coiled shape on the floor is a serpent his eyes are not deceived. His eyes are seeing the rope but his mind is falsifying the evidence.

Turn again to the original question which was this: When, apparently, one sees injury and hears discord are his senses reporting correctly and truly or are they reporting otherwise? Now clearly discern its correct answer which is: “My Senses are reporting truly and correctly, and they are seeing and hearing the Glory and Harmony of the perfect Universe.

It is erring mind, or human sense, (not Senses), which weaves the illusion, just as when the picture of a tramp appears instead of the actual outline of the post. Since it(human sense) believes in accidents, in injuries and disasters the mind declares that it seems them, but it is practicing a deception upon itself, and is thus a victim to its own illusions.

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Did You Contemplate Your Perfection Today?

For the month of July I am taking a break. Instead of writing new articles, I am posting some more of my favorite passages from other Absolute authors. This week’s post is from Doris Henty’s Addresses and Other Writings..

The command “Be ye therefore perfect” is already fulfilled effortlessly. Perfection is inevitable. Restriction, friction, erroneous suggestion, earth-bound sense, mortal belief — the belief that there is a belief —are unknown to the kingdom of holiness within.

Discord never entered your Mind. Your peaceful well-being remains forever undisturbed. No suggestion of evil was ever heard, seen or felt in this consciousness of holiness which you are. Yours is the “boundless thought that walks enraptured,” free from impediment, obstruction or limitation, enjoying the natural perfection of its own being.

Let prayer be the joyous recognition and acknowledgment of that which already exists, the glories of Life: the joyous, restful experience of health and harmony already and permanently established as one’s own being. The Sabbath means that the whole of infinity is “the secret place of the most High.” Think of the peace and security of such being, your being, unassailed because there is nothing but Itself.

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The Evidence Of Truth Is Right Where It Should Be


The Neglected Omni

Of all the omnis, you’ve probably read, said, and heard these two the most: omnipresence and omnipotence. One woman looked at me with pleading eyes and said, “Allen, you’ve got to come up with a new way of getting these ideas across. I can’t listen to one more omni-anything.” It’s a fact that when spiritual writers start writing about God, we bang away at these two omnis. So let’s move on to the most ignored, and perhaps the most important of all the omnis: OMNIEVIDENCE.

This word excites me! Say it to yourself a few times. By the end of this article, just a mental glance at the word Omnievidence will be more satisfying than a slice of mile-high apple pie topped with honey-bourbon caramel swirls.

Omnievidence Breakdown

Years ago, I noticed something interesting in a book by Emma Curtis Hopkins. (You have no idea how many letters I have in a box from people trying to convince me that I am the reincarnation of E.C. Hopkins.) In this book, Ms. Hopkins etymologically deconstructs the word omnipresence. To illustrate the breakdown, I am going to use the word Omnievidence.
Om = all
Ni (nil) = nothing
Evidence = evidence

Look at “Ni.” It sits securely and comfortably—almost smugly—between Om and Evidence. Did you figure out the breakdown? Here it is: THERE IS NOTHING (NO THING) BETWEEN THE ALLNESS AND THE EVIDENCE OF GOD’S PRESENCE.

God’s Evidence Is The Only Evidence

Reader. Haven’t you heard someone say, “Yes, I know all of that, but I just don’t see the evidence of it?” Don’t believe it! There is no person, place, condition or thing between God’s allness and God’s evidence.

Between God’s allness and God’s evidence there is no dream, no dreamer, no appearance, and no human struggling to perceive this Truth. All that is evident is the allness of God. Take a moment and say to yourself, “There is nothing between me (God-I AM) and God’s Evidence.” Thus:

There is only One Presence.
There is only One Power.
There is only One Evidence.

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Live Like Truth Is Already True (Part 2)

God Is All
Live like Truth already is.” That’s exactly how the words came. Inquiring minds are asking, “But how?”

When you live like Truth already is, you don’t perform one single action in hope that it will improve your life. Why? Life is God and therefore is already perfect. Better than that: Life is Perfection itself. This means You! Living like Truth already is means that every move you make is to explore and enjoy the Perfection that is your life.

Your Financial Affairs

Take a look at your financial affairs. Living like Truth already is, what do you have to do to prosper yourself? Nothing! All that the Father has is yours – NOW. Isn’t God the source and substance of your prosperity? Aren’t you and God one? What, then, is necessary to prosper yourself? Nothing! You are already prospered beyond belief. You ARE prosperity.

Stop And Ask

The Absolutely Yours blog is meant to be lived. So let’s live this post. It’s simpler than you think.

First, reader, answer these questions:

  • Do you believe that God (or whatever term you use) is the only Presence and Power?
  • Do you believe that the nature of God is Perfection?

This is enough to work with. Start your day with a contemplation of the Isness of Truth. Follow that with a period of silent “listening”. This will reveal more clearly the Isness of Perfection, Love, Peace and Abundance. Do not skip this step.

Throughout the day you will do many things. Occasionally (trust me, you will know when) ask yourself, “Why am I doing this? Is it to change an appearance?” If the answer is “yes,” you can put the brakes on and confidently say to yourself, “Wait a minute. I don’t need to do this. Perfect Life, Activity and Experience are already the All.”

Joy Stepping

Your next step will be a joy step. You will move with a smile in your heart, joyfully basking in the awareness of Perfection’s ever-present Isness. Don’t be surprised to discover that the thing you thought you needed to do has already been done.

This is living like Truth already is. This is truly living.

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Escaping The Dream of Human Existence

Margaret said, “I know that God is all – the only presence and the only power. But how do we get out of the dream of this trouble-filled human existence?”

With just a tinge of arrogance, Truth students who think they have “arrived” say that the human experience is “nothing but a dream.” They spit the words out like chewing gum that’s lost its flavor. The trials, troubles and even the ecstasies are, to them, nothing but a bad dream…so they say. Ask these students questions, and let them keep talking. Soon, it is obvious. These well-intentioned Truth students cannot find an escape hatch to get out of this dream. Anyone in a burning building can scream, “The building is on fire,” but what is needed is a way out.

There Is Only God

Margaret said she knows that God is all. That knowing should be her escape hatch and the answer to her question. When you know the nature of God, and you know that God is all there is, you know that there is no dream to enter, and no dream to escape.

Reader, I know that daily life often seems like a hellish maze. I know the body seems fleshy and cumbersome. I know that situations often seem cruel and crushing. However, you (yes YOU) do reach a point where you can look at all of this and know that only God, and what God is, is here.

Revelation Is The Way

You will not reach this point by strenuous mental effort. You cannot reach it by shooting rounds of affirmations and denials at human troubles in a material world. No, it must be the way of Revelation.

The Questions

In most articles I write, I always direct you to the temple of God Consciousness – your only Consciousness. Go there and ask your Self questions such as these:

• Is this material world that I seem to be living in real, or not?
• In my daily living, what is the evidence that God is All?
• Do I have a mind that is aware of a material or human existence?

Listen for the answers. Expect to “hear” the answers. No matter how long it seems to take, wait for the answer. It is well worth your investment.

A woman asked me, “Allen, how do I know if I have really experienced Revelation?” I told her about my “Revelation litmus test.” Here it is: If you are wondering whether or not it was Revelation, it wasn’t. The experience of Revelation leaves no doubt, or uncertainty.

A Life Better Than You Could Ever Imagine

Reader, I want you to take a few minutes to imagine yourself living a life where only perfection is experienced. Imagine yourself with a body that is perfect in every way. See yourself perfectly, constantly, and abundantly supplied with every good thing. See all of your affairs perfectly adjusted to the good of all concerned. Let your imagination soar.

Whatever your vision looks like, it pales in comparison to reality – your reality. Whether gradually by degrees, or in the blink of an eye, get about the business of discerning that God, and what God is, is your right here, right now experience.

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I’m Doing My Best But Truth Is Not Working – Why?

Dear Reader,

Have you done the best you know how, spiritually, and things still aren’t working out? Have you been consistent in prayer, faithful in contemplation, and still a dark cloud seems to hang over your life?

Are you wondering why that disease clings despite your realization of its nothingness? Or, are you wondering why the door of opportunity slams in your face every time you step toward the threshold? Reader, are you puzzled as to why, despite all your sincerity, you cannot seem to break free of the limitations of this false sense of humanhood? Maybe other questions, similar to these, are begging for answers.

Since God Is All, you know in your heart that these things should not even seem to be. And in your heart, you know you’ve done the best you know how to do. Still, somehow, it doesn’t seem to be good enough. Reader, be lifted up. Let your heart rise as the morning sun. There is an answer.

In the Holy Bible, James writes, “If any man lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him.” Beloved, here in our Holy Bible is the answer to what to do, when you don’t know what to do. If you don’t understand why the disease seems to cling despite your best praying, ASK GOD. If you don’t understand why you can’t crawl out from under that rock of debt, despite your clear realization of ever present supply, ASK GOD. If you’re dazed and confused as to why, after all these years, you still seem as human as ever, ASK GOD.

Reader: Go directly to your God Consciousness, and ask any question you desire. As long as your heart’s sincerest desire is spiritual understanding, it does not matter what the question is. Ask, knowing that your God Consciousness will reveal the needed wisdom, and the evidence of that wisdom. Then Listen! The understanding, revelation, and evidence are experienced in the silent listening. “If any man lack wisdom, let him ask of God.”

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Did You Fall For This Lie?


Misguided Advice From A Practitioner

For the theater musician, the tide of success seems to ebb and flow. When she’ll flow, no one knows. At least this is the appearance. My good friend Wesley is a theater musician, and at one time his career was treading water waiting for another high tide of success.

“Wesley,” I said, “why don’t you call a Practitioner to jump-start your career?” He did, and from there things went downhill, backwards on ice! I heard the frustration and confusion in his voice when he told me what the Practitioner said.

The Practitioner told Wesley that he should not be seeking more gigs, and more success. “After all,” said the practitioner. “God doesn’t know anything about pianos, theaters and money. You should instead be seeking to know God.”

Reader, are you scratching your head like I did? Did your mind immediately flash back to the healing miracles of Christ Jesus? Did you say to yourself, “Well Jesus never told the lepers they should be seeking to know God rather than seeking a healing?” And did you say to yourself, “Wait a just minute! Jesus never rebuked the miracle seekers for not seeking God instead?”

Does Money Really Exist?

Many Practitioners erroneously believe that pianos, theaters and money don’t exist, and that God knows nothing of them. Lies and vicious propaganda! Rather than criticize and condemn, let’s take the axe to the thick root of this delusion.

True, God doesn’t know anything about money, pianos and theaters as they are humanly named. Yet, these forms do exist. To the Infinite I Am, the name of these forms is the One Name – I AM.

In the experience of visual illumination, you do see pianos, theaters and dollars. However, you see them as forms of Light – much like you see the rainbow as a form of light. These forms exist, but not as matter.

You Are All

The Practitioner should have told Wesley the Truth. He should have told Wesley that the Infinite I Am is the I AM that he is. This Infinite I AM includes every form within Its infinity. Then the Practitioner should’ve reminded Wesley that there is no separation of time and space between him and any form. He then should have capped it off by saying, “Wesley, you have ALL, because you ARE ALL.”

Are you thinking, reader, “Well what about all that seeking first the kingdom of God business? Jesus did say that, you know?” He did, and there’s no getting around it.

Reader, suppose the story went like this. Instead of calling a Practitioner, Wesley prayed with the sincere desire to know more of God. These same truths would’ve revealed themselves in and as his Consciousness.

However, since Wesley called a Practitioner, it was the Practitioner’s responsibility to tell Wesley the Truth, the whole Truth, and nothing but the Truth.

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