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2014’s Must-Read Posts (The Top 5)


Before I write the first post of 2015, I took a look at the posts from last year and pulled out 5 posts that deserve a second, and perhaps third, read. Here they are below:

How You Can Experience Illumination

Allen  White God Is All

It Happens When You Least Expect It

Many people have wondered, “What is it that I can do to experience illumination?” To squelch unnecessary angst, know this: Illumination cannot be forced. Trying anxiously to experience illumination is like trying to fly by vigorously flapping your arms. It won’t work.

Surprisingly, illumination is often experienced when you least expect it. It happens suddenly and most often when you are not praying, contemplating or meditating. Illumination can happen at any time, but don’t be surprised if it’s while:

  • mowing the lawn
  • cleaning the house
  • jogging
  • attending a meeting
  • shopping for groceries
  • bathing

Illumination, experiencing existence as it is, cannot be forced. Yet there are some things you can do that will prepare the way – things that will open the door for an illumined experience. Below are what I believe to be absolute essentials.

Passion To Know Truth (God)

Reader, have you ever been passionate about something (or someone)? Whatever it was, that thing hijacked your waking thoughts – and even your dreams! It gave you a reason for getting up in the morning with a smile on your face.

A passion to know Truth (God) is a door opener for the experience of illumination. Christ Jesus articulated this passion for Truth in this one priceless idea: “Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy strength, and with all thy mind.”

When you have this passion to know God, directly, it shapes your prayer life. It determines – even drives – every aspect of your praying. A passion to know God determines the how’s, when’s and why’s of your praying.

Purity Of Motive

Purity of motive and passion; seldom does one exist without the other. Why do you pray? Why do you contemplate? Why do you listen to hear the “still small voice”? What’s your motive? Are you trying to heal a sick body? Are you trying to fill an empty wallet? Are you trying to land the perfect job? Perhaps looking for someone to fill the empty, lonely nights? I can’t say that you won’t get these things with prayer, but they repel Illumination.

The strongest magnet for an illumined experience is purity of motive. What does that look like? It’s when God (and nothing else) is the reason for praying. It’s when God (and nothing else) is the reason for contemplating. It’s when God (and nothing else) is the reason for listening to hear that “still small voice”.

I, like many people, started off in the “how to get more stuff” branch of metaphysics. I got stuff, but wanted more – I wanted God. I remember praying for many days, “God, of myself, I cannot love you with all my heart, but I’m willing. Let me love you with all that I am.”

I know there is a dualism lurking around in there, but it did the trick. I have shared this with many people who wanted to purify their motives for praying, and for those who tried it, it worked like a charm. And when I say worked, I mean that they did go on to experience Illumination.

Be A Stay The Course Person (STCP)

You would not be reading this blog if you did not sense/feel that God is now and already the only Presence and Power. Yes, the way sometimes seems rough as 30-grit sandpaper, but you continue to hang in there. You keep praying. You keep reading. You keep contemplating. This is a good thing.

Staying with the spiritual facts, even before they are revealed to be facts, is the one common factor in every case of illumination. Let’s take the body as an example (but this applies to your worldview as well). Before it is revealed that there is only One Body – God embodied, the STCP (Stay The Course Person) acknowledges her Body to be a spiritual Body. The STCP acknowledges God’s Perfection to be the only Substance of her Body. She acknowledges it to be birthless, deathless, timeless and ageless because God is all of these things.

The STCP doesn’t waffle-waffle between the spiritual reality of the Body and the seeming material reality of the Body. At one moment she isn’t contemplating the spiritual nature of the Body and later in the evening investigating scientific laws and facts of the Body. Although, at times, all seems black as a starless night sky, she stays the course. And, this is before she has experienced any revelation.

How is the STCP able to do this without Revelation? The Presence that moves her to read the books, comb through the blogs, and listen to the spiritual audios is the same Presence and Power that moves her to take these truths off of the pages into her daily living. She’s not waiting for some magical moment before she acknowledges God’s Allness.

Frequently, I hear some variation of this spineless excuse, “Allen, it would be easier to stick with the spiritual facts if I had some Revelation to go on.” My answer is this: I have never known anyone to make spiritual progress by waiting for Revelation before they acknowledge God’s Allness and Onlyness.

Reader, if you are reading this blog, or any similar blog, and if you are reading any spiritual books at all, stop waiting for Revelation. Start NOW acknowledging God and only God in, through and as All. Couple that with your passion and purity, and share your first experience of illumination with our readers.


How Important Is Illumination?

allen white God Is All

More Should Be Written About Illumination

I’m baffled. I can’t understand why Illumination is not written about more often. It’s the beating heart of spirituality. We say that God Is All, and that nothing exists but God. We say nothing IS but God ISING. Then, we go on to say that God is Perfection; God is Light; God is Love, etc. Reader, aren’t we essentially saying that Perfection is All? Aren’t we saying that nothing IS but Perfection ISING?

Yet, look around you and you can see all manner of imperfection – imperfect bodies, imperfect activity, imperfect minds, and imperfect evidence. It appears that imperfection rules the day and is having quite a heyday.

Because the appearance of things seems at complete and total odds with God being All, the Absolute is considered just another philosophical concept. Granted, it is considered a good and grand philosophy – but philosophy nonetheless.

An Illumined Experience

Every now and again there is that person who takes her mind off of the world as it appears. She stops praying for God to fix her broken life. She stops praying about the aches, lumps and bumps that plague her body and gets down to the prayerful business of simply knowing and experiencing God without any hidden agendas. She’s moved by a pure desire to joy in the revealed awareness of this Presence called God. This is purity of heart and purity of motive.

One day, while working in that same tile and metal world encased by brick and mortar, it happens. It seems as though someone is playing with a dimmer switch in the office. There are slow pulses of bright light. The pulses increase, and the brightness increases until the office is nothing but Light. It’s the brightest Light she has ever seen.

Early that morning it seems as though this woman is standing in the office. Now, she feels she IS the office, and that she is everything in the office. This seems to last for hours, yet at best it’s only been seconds.

Things Are Never The Same

From this day forward Collette never sees the world the way she used to. Bodies no longer seem so fleshy. The world never seems as hard and dense. She has seen what IS, and it has affected everything. This is an experience of Illumination. From this point on, despite any and all appearances, there is no doubt about God being All. Never again does Collette question whether or not God is really All. She has seen for herself.

Illumination slays doubt and squelches questions like, “But if God is All, how come …” It moves the Absolute from mere philosophy to a living, experiential reality.

Illumination Is

Illumination is the experience of God’s Allness. Often it is experienced as seeing and or hearing existence as IT IS. However, Illumination is never confined to just seeing and hearing. In Illumination the Body of Light is seen right there where a fleshy body seemed to be. In Illumination music is heard where the sounds of friction seemed to be. In Illumination it is not unusual to suddenly smell floral-like fragrances impossible to duplicate in a perfumer’s laboratory.

How Important Is Illumination?

Is illumination important? Until you’ve had this kind of experience, there will always be a question about God’s Allness.

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Has The Devil Wormed Its Way Into Your Spiritual Practice?

Allen White  God Is All

Just When I Thought I Was Done With The Devil

“Allen, I just had to get out of the Baptist church. The preacher talked more about the works of the devil than the power of God. Every Sunday I felt like Satan was sitting beside me.” Hoping to leave the devil behind, Sharon left the Baptist church. She explored other churches and opened herself to new ideas. One evening she attended a tape group where she heard the speaker talk about “finite sense” and “universal beliefs.” At one church, the reader mentioned something about “animal magnetism.”

Soon, Sharon prattled on about illusions, appearances, animal magnetism, “the seeming,” and at moments, when she wanted to sound really sophisticated, she spoke in low tones about the “veil of Maya.”

The “Aha” Moment

But one day Sharon thought,“Wait a minute here. Just when I thought I left the devil in the pew, here he is in the study group draped in new clothes with a host of new names: appearances, finite sense, mortal mind, etc. Sure, the name has changed, but it’s the same ol’ game – something going on other than God.”

It does no good to give a non-existent devil a new name if you’re dealing with the same culprit. Take away the pitchfork and red suit. Dress it up in white linen, and give it a new name; it’s still the same thing – A LIE.

Take Wing And Fly

Reader, answer this question honestly. When you left the traditional church to embrace a “higher spirituality,” didn’t you feel a little unsettled every time you heard or read the words illusion, appearance, and mortal mind? Didn’t you – at least once – say to yourself, “Ohhhhh boy, here we go again?”

Why did you feel this way? Because you knew and know that God Is All, and beside God there is nothing at all – nothing.

Fly on the wings of your innate knowing into the glorious experience of God’s Allness. There are no appearances to clip your wings. There are no illusions to alter your course. There are no mortal minds to lower your altitude. Fly on! God Is All!

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God Is All

God Is All Allen White
That’s the title of my first book. And it’s true. God really is all. Reader, I’m warning you: there’s a lot of is-ing in this post.

Slowly repeat the words “God Is All,” but linger a little on the word “is”. Effortlessly, you will drift into contemplating the here and now of God. Don’t censor your contemplation. Let it go on to consider the fact that all that God is, is going on right now – right where you are.

It’s clear as a well washed window why Christ Jesus’ miracles were instantaneous. Behind every so-called miracle was the awareness of the here and now of God’s allness.

God’s allness never evolves into being. It already is. Just thinking about this may cause you to shiver with joy. It should, because the everpresent allness of God means:

    • Right now, God is all that there is of your Identity
    • Right now, God is all that there is of your Body
    • Right now, God is all that there is of your Environment

In short, the kingdom of heaven is already here.

Reader, don’t be duped believing that God won’t be all until you experience a revelation. God’s absolute allness is first. Revelation is second. God’s allness can only be revealed because it is already true.

So, don’t wait. Start right now acknowledging that God, and what God is (Love and Perfection) is all that there is. Look around you and claim God is all that there is. Look at the people where you are and claim God is all that there is here. Do troubles come to mind? Know that right where the trouble seems to be GOD IS ALL.

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You Are The Splendor (Top-Ten Books)


This is the last book on our must-reads list. Marie Watts pours her heart into You Are The Splendor. Below are some excerpts:


Just as a mistake in mathematics calls your attention to the perfect mathematical fact, so it is that any appearance of evil serves to call your attention to some specific good, or God. God is Perfection; thus Perfection is a universal as well as a specific fact. Any appearance of imperfection serves to call your attention to the perfect Principle, which is Perfection. A mistake can seem to be troublesome, or evil, only so long as it is mistaken for a fact. Once your attention is focused upon the perfect fact, the mistake is canceled. It simply vanishes.
[ a poem]
I AM the only One, the All,
I AM the One ‘pon whom I call
when darkness doth appear,
or when I seem to fear
some presence, power, or blight
that could obscure the Light.
I AM the heaven and the earth;
I AM the Life that knows no birth,
no change, no age, no death.
I AM the One, the only MInd,
the One it seemed that I must find,
till I awoke to see
the I AM that is ME.
To recognize that the Christ Consciousness is your Consciousness means to accept the fact that you can see as Jesus saw; you can know as he knew; you can experience as he experienced; and you can be what he was, and is.

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The Questions That Must Be Answered (Top-Ten Books)


I am going to preface the excerpts by first acknowledging that the opinions of reviewers and readers alike differ from what my thinking is. God Is All was a successful book that went through several print runs. Reviewers and readers oohed and aahed over the Lord’s Prayer chapter. That was not my favorite.


It would be wise  now to make a list of those questions on which you seek light.  You might title it, “Things I Always Wanted To Know But Didn’t Know Who To Ask.”  Some of your questions might be:

  • Who is God?
  • What is God?
  • Is God (really) all there is?
  • Who am I?
  • What is my purpose of existence?
  • What is God’s purpose?
  • etc.

Again, it may seem as though God is revealing Himself to someone separate from His very own omnipresent being.  This is not the case at all.  Someone has described it as God revealing Himself to Himself.  If there be any revelation, this must be true… At the very point or revelation, the Mind of God, the only Mind, makes Itself known.  The sense of personal mind with its limitations is dissolved and not even known or experienced.


What is glorious about Divine Revelation is the manifestation that accompanies what is revealed.  There is always some corroboration in one’s experience of that which is revealed.  Why is this? …The consciousness that is aware is the substance of that which  it is aware.

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Body Month (The How-Tos)

body o light  allen white
The “Body Month” is a month you choose,  where your prayerful focus is on discovering, understanding, and contemplating the truth of your Body.

The Questions

During this “month,” you retreat to your God Consciousness and ask such questions as:

  • What is the Body?
  • Why do I have a Body?
  • Is the Body real, or is it an illusion?*
  • Was this Body born?
  • What is it about this Body that is most important for me to realize?

Above  are just suggested questions. Whether you use these questions or not, I strongly suggest that you consider the last question being one of the questions that you ask.

Listening For The Answer

Anyone can reason out the answer to these questions, but there is no power in a reasoned-out answer. You want a God-Revealed answer. After you’ve asked your question, the important thing is listening for the answer.


Self-Questioning and Listening are just two aspects of the “Body Month.” Contemplation is the other equally important aspect. Contemplation is calmly pondering the Body from a God Is All point-of-view. But more than that, contemplation is a calm, effortless consideration of the Body knowing that the God Is All point-of-view is the only Reality of the Body–your Body.

Now It’s Up To You

Fellow Absolutists, choose today which month will be your “Body Month.” Make your list of body-related questions. Once you actually begin your month, this is your short list of Daily Dos:

  1. Choose one or two questions. Take one question at a time and listen expectantly for the answer. Often, the answers are not instantaneous. Be patient. When you start getting antsy, get up and come back later. Above all, don’t reason out your answers.
  2. Contemplate your Body from a God Is All point-of-view.

Related Reading

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The Body Month (a God Is All repost)

body of light allen white

If you have attended my lectures, you have heard about the Body Month. And you know that I encourage everyone to have at least one Body Month each year.

Because of (what appears to be) disease, swelling, sickness, aches, aging, deterioration, and downright fleshiness, the Body seems to be a spiritual logjam for most folk. The purpose of Body Month is to rightly perceive the Body through Conscious Revelation. For many, the results of Body Month will appear to be bodily healing, pain release, increase of vitality, and even a de-aging of the Body. But, reader, this is not the purpose of Body Month. The ultimate conclusion of Body Month is to consciously experience and actually see the Body as the Living Light that it is.

Here is a letter that I received from an annual Body Month practitioner:

Dear Allen,

What has been most helpful with the “body month” exercises is that I know I am not confined to nor restricted by the body, nor intimidated by it. Instead I am rejoicing in what Body really is. As there is no Identity but that of the Infinite, is it not correct to say that body is God, Perfection, visible? Or, God, Perfection, identified visibly? This is what feels good and right to me and has given me a sense of freedom from being concerned about body.And, I have need to be clear about this: where is “another” mind to suggest that something is wrong about body? No where!

Last summer I fell hard over rough, rocky terrain injuring the left leg, ankle and foot…the foot and ankle swelling and turning black. I vigorously resisted the temptation for x-rays, etc. I just know that I would not go that route, recalling that in one of your presentations you mentioned that an x-ray cannot show the perfection of Being (this is not an exact quote). I kept my focus on that which is absolutely true while hopping around using a mop handle for balance. It was not long before the foot and ankle were normal and I was wearing shoes and boots again.

For many years there was a quarter-size lump on one hip. I can honestly say it never troubled me and although it was there it gave me no concern…never looked at it, never thought about it. However, a few months ago, I realized it was gone; just when, I have no idea…just gone. At the same time, I saw that a small growth near the nose had disappeared.

This June, repeatedly came the phrase “…all the fullness of the Godhead bodily”–the fullness, the Allness of God, Perfection, bodily! This really resonated most of the month. If I am really convinced that God is All, that Allness embraces all of me: morally, spiritually, physically, giving me a sense of the sweetness and gentleness of the Absolute.


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How Wonderful You Are (a spontaneous contemplation)

how wonderful you are swan pictue
Early this afternoon, I sat down to contemplate. Before I fully closed my eyes, the words just came forth. Yes, I know the language sounds a bit archaic, but something seems just plain wrong about editing a Revelation. Reader the Truth below is the Truth of your Being.

I Am Wealth, and I need do nothing in order to Be the Wealth that I Am.

I Am Health, and I need do nothing in order to Be the Health that I Am.

I Am Joy, and I need do nothing in order to Be the Joy that I Am.

I Am Illumination, and I need do nothing in order to Be The Illumination that I Am.I do not have to pray in order to Be the Wealth that I Am.

I do not have to sit in the silence in order to Be what I Am.

I pray and meditate just to bask in the radiant glory that I Am.

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