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The Way Out of Grief, Sadness, and Depression

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Grief Is Unbearable Because …

Somehow the subject of death popped up in the conversation. Responding to the man sitting next to me, I said, “Should a loved one appear to die, the first thing I’d do is call a Practitioner.” A woman sitting at the other end of the table said, “It’s a little late for that, isn’t it?” Without a moment’s hesitation I said, “No! The seeming loss is bad enough, but the grief would be unbearable.”

Grief is unbearable because it is not a natural state of Mind (God). Mind’s natural state is unfettered revelry in Its unchallenged and unopposed Allness.

Reader, answer these questions:

  • Can you steadfastly be aware of Perfection’s unopposed Allness and entertain one moment of grief?
  • Can you bask in the awareness of Love’s boundless Allness and be sad?
  • Is it possible for you to dwell in the awareness of uninterrupted Completeness and be depressed?

Your Mind’s Natural State

Mind, the Mind you are, is this constant awareness of Perfection, Love and Completeness. This is “your” Mind’s natural state. Connect the dots and you clearly behold this fact: Joy is the natural state of the Mind that you are.

The bleak greyness of grief is like a millstone around the neck of joy, drowning it in a sea of sadness. And, sometimes the pull of grief seems inescapable. Many people ask, “Allen, don’t you think there are times when grief is justified? After all, even psychologists talk about the stages of grief.”

What Do The Psychologists Know

Reader, perhaps you have asked the same question. But ask yourself this, “What mind are the psychologists talking about? Aren’t they talking about a mind that is conditioned by appearances and the drama of human experience? Are they knowing the Unconditioned Mind that is God?” Again, connect the dots: If psychologists are not talking about the Mind that is God, are they talking about any mind at all?

In the stillness of prayer, you have known times when you experienced a realization of God’s Allness. You experienced a deep peace, didn’t you? And there was joy too, wasn’t there? Many times you experienced one or both. Peace (and/or joy) always accompanies revelation.

Reader, have you ever realized God’s Allness and experienced sadness? How about grief? I’m sure your answer is “No!” Why not? Because peace and joy are natural states of Mind. Sadness and grief are not.

This Always Works For Me (It’ll Work For You)

Whenever I’m feeling a little down (which is not that often), I do this one thing and it always works. I pray. My prayer is just for greater realization of the I AM that I AM. I’m not praying to feel better. I’m praying for a grander realization.

If the first prayer doesn’t reveal the I AM, I pray again. I repeat this every fifteen minutes until I realize more of this I AM Presence. At some point Truth is revealed. God is experienced. A joy takes over my entire being, and I realize I am Joy.

After the first time I did this, I understood the full implication of the experience. I understood that Joy is the natural state of Mind. I perceived that sadness, depression, and grief are unnatural (unreal) states of Mind.

Don’t Do It

Reader, don’t accept grief. Don’t accept depression. Don’t accept sadness. JOY IS YOUR NATURAL STATE OF MIND AND YOUR NATURAL WAY OF BEING.

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What To Do About That Diagnosis

God is All

“Allen, the other day I went to the doctor’s office to get my test results. It wasn’t good. Should I just ignore the doctor’s diagnosis and focus on God’s Allness?” This question raises its head too many times to ignore; so let’s dive into the answer.

First Handle The Fear

The first order of business is to face the fear and snuff it out. Here is what worked for me. Faced with what looked like a severe health crisis, I slumped on the bed trembling (never a good sign). Fear gripped so tightly that worst case scenarios flashed across my mind. I had to do something … and quick. My next thought was, “Allen, is God All?” I answered “Yes.”

Starting from God’s Allness, I prayed asking this one question, “What mind is experiencing this fear?” The answer was not immediate. Again, I asked and listened. That night the answer revealed itself: “There is no mind aware of anything to fear.” Immediately the fear left. The situation did not change, but it was no longer in charge.

In my lectures, I often say that so-called disease is like a stray cat. Instead of milk, it feeds on fear. If there’s no fear around, it slinks away. With the fear gone, the (seeming) problem goes.

Discovering The Diagnosis Isn’t Real

Now that you have handled the fear, it’s time to handle the diagnosis. This has to be by way of Revelation. Reader, I know you’ve heard stories of people facing life-threatening diseases who picked up a book and were healed after reading a few paragraphs. I heard a story of someone who laid my book God Is All on an ailing body part and was healed. These stories don’t impress me. Revelation is the best way, and below are suggestions to prime the pump of Revelation.

In silent prayer ask:

(1) Is this diagnosis of __________ true or not?
(2) Right here where _________ seems to be, what is here?

That’s my way, but Marie Watts suggests another line of questioning that restored her sight and “cured” her cancer.

(1) God, do you know anything about _____________?
(2) Then, do I know anything about ______________?
(3) Does any mind know anything about ___________?

Do not reason out your answers. There is no power in a reasoned answer. Wait, and let the Voice of Revelation speak. This is the Voice of your God Consciousness. When It speaks, “the earth melts”. Simply put, all seeming material conditions are revealed and EXPERIENCED as nothing – no thing at all.

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I AM Contemplation

This post has already been sent out to God Is All E-Course Subscribers. It was so well received that I decided to post on Absolutely Yours. BACKSTORY: One evening in silent listening, these words announced themselves. Since then, these words have been the launching pad for many contemplations.

There is no God giving or withholding Health.
There is just I AM
and I AM That I AM.

There is no God giving or withholding Wealth.
There is just I AM
and I AM That I AM

There is no God giving or withholding Enlightenment.
There is Just I AM
and I AM That I AM

There is no giving and withholding God.
There is just I AM
and I AM That I AM.

There is none to give to,
and there is none to receive
There is just I AM
and I AM That I AM

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How Important Is Illumination?

allen white God Is All

More Should Be Written About Illumination

I’m baffled. I can’t understand why Illumination is not written about more often. It’s the beating heart of spirituality. We say that God Is All, and that nothing exists but God. We say nothing IS but God ISING. Then, we go on to say that God is Perfection; God is Light; God is Love, etc. Reader, aren’t we essentially saying that Perfection is All? Aren’t we saying that nothing IS but Perfection ISING?

Yet, look around you and you can see all manner of imperfection – imperfect bodies, imperfect activity, imperfect minds, and imperfect evidence. It appears that imperfection rules the day and is having quite a heyday.

Because the appearance of things seems at complete and total odds with God being All, the Absolute is considered just another philosophical concept. Granted, it is considered a good and grand philosophy – but philosophy nonetheless.

An Illumined Experience

Every now and again there is that person who takes her mind off of the world as it appears. She stops praying for God to fix her broken life. She stops praying about the aches, lumps and bumps that plague her body and gets down to the prayerful business of simply knowing and experiencing God without any hidden agendas. She’s moved by a pure desire to joy in the revealed awareness of this Presence called God. This is purity of heart and purity of motive.

One day, while working in that same tile and metal world encased by brick and mortar, it happens. It seems as though someone is playing with a dimmer switch in the office. There are slow pulses of bright light. The pulses increase, and the brightness increases until the office is nothing but Light. It’s the brightest Light she has ever seen.

Early that morning it seems as though this woman is standing in the office. Now, she feels she IS the office, and that she is everything in the office. This seems to last for hours, yet at best it’s only been seconds.

Things Are Never The Same

From this day forward Collette never sees the world the way she used to. Bodies no longer seem so fleshy. The world never seems as hard and dense. She has seen what IS, and it has affected everything. This is an experience of Illumination. From this point on, despite any and all appearances, there is no doubt about God being All. Never again does Collette question whether or not God is really All. She has seen for herself.

Illumination slays doubt and squelches questions like, “But if God is All, how come …” It moves the Absolute from mere philosophy to a living, experiential reality.

Illumination Is

Illumination is the experience of God’s Allness. Often it is experienced as seeing and or hearing existence as IT IS. However, Illumination is never confined to just seeing and hearing. In Illumination the Body of Light is seen right there where a fleshy body seemed to be. In Illumination music is heard where the sounds of friction seemed to be. In Illumination it is not unusual to suddenly smell floral-like fragrances impossible to duplicate in a perfumer’s laboratory.

How Important Is Illumination?

Is illumination important? Until you’ve had this kind of experience, there will always be a question about God’s Allness.

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This Is The Only Sure Way!

Repetitive For A Reason

Have you noticed a pattern in these blog posts? In many, if not most, I suggest that you ask questions of your Self (God) and wait for the answers to be revealed. And, I always caution that you resist the itch to make up your own answers.

There is a reason for this suggestion: There’s a world of difference between Truth revealed and Truth merely heard, read or said. Truth revealed is like winning the big prize in a lottery drawing when you’re down to your last dollar. Truth merely read is as helpful as falling into a lion’s den wearing a meat jacket.

One Truth Revealed Worth The Wait In Gold

In a poem by the famous poet Nikki Giovanni, she writes, “One ounce of truth benefits like ripples in a pond.” It’s true. One Truth revealed is better than reading and studying libraries of Truth books. One Truth revealed touches every area of your life.

Your Only Spiritual Authority

With every suggestion to question and listen, I am intentionally turning your attention to the only valid authority – God Consciousness. Your Consciousness.

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When You Feel Like Giving Up, Don’t!

A Revelation So Powerful

Most often – in 95% of cases – Revelation and Manifestation are like conjoined twins in that one never shows up without the other. And there are occasions when Truth reveals itself so powerfully that it seems to shake the rafters of your Consciousness. That should be the end of the seeming problem – so you would think.

Stand Firm and Don’t Give Up

Like a tick on a dog’s belly, instead of disappearing, the problem clings more stubbornly. What do you do? You stand firm! This is not the time to get weak in the knees and collapse. Hold fast to your Revelation.Take every opportunity you can to sit and contemplate the Truth that’s been revealed.

Manifestation Is

I’ve been asked many times if I have ever experienced Revelation without its twin (Manifestation). Of course I have. The first time a revelation came forth without manifestation, I think I went into a coma. When I came to I thought, “This can’t be.” Now, on the rare occasion when it happens, I almost rejoice because I know that the manifestation IS (despite its seeming absence), and all I have to do is stay with the ISNESS of the Revelation. Reader, that is all you have to do. STAY WITH THE ISNESS OF THE REVELATION.

“And let us not be weary in well doing, for in due
season we shall reap if we faint not.”
(Gal. 6:9)

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Help Me Find This Other Mind

Searching But Not Finding

I apologize for being late posting this entry, but I’ve been busy searching for something. Just to verify a rumor, I’ve been searching high and low for this “other mind” that people keep talking about. I cannot find it.

But You Said There Is Only One

Many Absolutists heartily proclaim “O’ I know there is only one presence.” And then in a few more breaths, they speak about folk who don’t understand this Truth, and folk who are not quite ready for this Truth. They even talk of folk with a lesser consciousness. All this translates to two or more minds. Consider what follows.

The false belief that there are some folk walking around this “kingdom of heaven” not ready to hear the Absolute Truth implies that there is a Mind that is not the Absolute Truth — not God. Whenever I hear someone say, “Allen, some people are not ready for this Truth,” I think to myself that they need to sit down and examine exactly what they mean when they say, “God is the only Presence.” How do they define “only”?

What Does Only Mean To You?

When they say only, do they mean existing with no other, or do they mean existing with a few others? Webster’s dictionary defines only as “existing with no other,” and that’s what I mean when I say God is the only Presence.

Not only is everyone ready to hear this Truth, but everyone is already present as this Truth and is actually conscious of Being this Truth. If they were not, God Consciousness would not be the only Consciousness. God would not be the only presence.

If you think someone is not ready for the Absolute, be certain that you know there is only ONE and ONE ALONE, and that YOU ARE THIS ONE. Then, and only then, is it clear to see that everyone is this ONE, and only this ONE.

One Alone

Recently I’ve gotten very clear on the importance of being absolutely Absolute. If dualism is allowed to blossom in one arena of your awareness and experience, it seems to drop seeds in other areas. Of course, the seeming is never the reality, but sometimes the pain seems real. All this can be avoided, by recognizing and acknowledging just ONE and ONE ALONE.

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Are You Waiting For A Miracle?

Taking Out The Trash

There are some words that no longer fit in our vocabulary. They need to be uprooted and permanently eliminated immediately. At the top of the list is the word tomorrow. And while you are uprooting it, don’t miss its siblings: soon, later, become, progress and improve. They usually hover very close to tomorrow.

Some Time(ly) Questions

Reader, I have a few questions to ask you. Do you think that with each prayer – each contemplation – things will get better? Do you believe that with longer or more frequent meditations you will become more enlightened? Do you think that in time your healing or long-awaited miracle will finally happen?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, I have just a few more questions to ask you. What about today? Isn’t God All today — now? Will God become more “All” tomorrow because you contemplated? Isn’t what you call “spiritual progress” actually a flat-out denial of the HERE and NOW of God and all that God is?

Now God Is All

Please allow me just two more questions. Do you think your Consciousness (which actually is God being Conscious) can become more enlightened than it is right now? Isn’t the belief in future enlightenment denying God to be the ONLY MIND and CONSCIOUSNESS?

All is God and God is All – now. There’s no becoming and progressing to this Allness. Reader, you are this Allness in living, loving action. Contemplate this and let Consciousness reveal even more of that which already IS.

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How Many Problems Do You Have?

"Be still and know that I am God"

This is a follow-up to a previous post (So Many Things To Pray About) that partially answered the question “How do you pray when you have so many things to pray about?”

Rather than take you on the scenic route, let’s go straight to the answer. YOU HAVE NO PROBLEMS – NONE!

Just One Problem And That’s Debatable

Take a deep breath, and continue reading. The idea that you have a truckload of problems to pray over is a lie. There is only one SEEMING problem that is disguised as a truckload of problems, and that one problem is the idea that there is something going on in your life other than the Presence, Power, and Activity of Love (God). Reader, isn’t that what the real issue is?

So, take the next step. You know that there is only One Presence and only One Power. Necessarily, there must be only One Mind. You may have called it “my mind”, “his mind”, “her mind”, but these personal tags are only distortions of the Infinite, Indivisible Mind that is God.

Are You Sure You’re Aware Of A Problem?

What does this One Mind know? What can it know but One Presence and One Power? Do you think this One Mind (God) knows anything about a difficulty? See for yourself!

In silent listening prayer, ask your Self these two questions:

  1. “What mind exists that believes there is a presence and power other than God?”
  2. “What mind exists that is aware of these problems?”

Reader, the power is not in the questioning. The power is in the listening. Here is a word of caution: DO NOT MAKE UP YOUR OWN ANSWERS!

The Guarantee

You many have to ask and listen many times, but the revealed answer makes it all worthwhile. I guarantee that once you follow the above suggestions, and once you ask and experience the answer to the above questions, you will:

  • never be knocked off your feet by a seeming problem
  • never feel victimized by life
  • know how to handle any problem that seems to come up
  • have extended days of blissful living

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So Many Things To Pray About – Where Do I Start?

God Is All

The Things

Fix a thing. Repair a thing. Heal a thing. Add a thing. Get rid of a thing. With prayer, it always seems to be about a thing. But here’s the thing: As long as prayer is about things, you will always have a thing to pray about. And as long as you are praying about things, the conscious enjoyment of God’s Allness will never happen.

Did Your Early Days Of Prayer Look Like This?

Your personal history of prayer certainly doesn’t help. Like mine, it probably started with thing-based prayer. Grammy prayed to heal your broken leg. While you prayed for a new toy, dad prayed for a better job, and momma prayed for new furniture. In the church, the preacher prayed for healing of the sick and shut-in, and the “Women’s Guild” prayed to get the drug-dealing hoodlums out of the neighborhood.

The Most Effective Way To Pray

Reader, let’s get back on track! God is the only presence. God is the only power. And God is not a thing. In God’s Allness, where are the things? Nowhere! Okay, I can hear you thinking, “But Allen, there are forms, right?” Yes, there are. But these forms we have mistakenly called things are God and their nature is God.

Jesus teaching his disciples about prayer said, “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God . . . and all these things will be added unto you.” Pray to know God. Pray to experience God. Pray to know your Identity is in God as God. This is “right” prayer. There are no things in this prayer, and yet this thing-less prayer piles the needed things (forms) right in your lap. Why is this?

Because the forms that you and I have called things, by various names, are God. Nothing is added, but these seemingly invisible forms are effortlessly revealed in all their spiritual glory.

Reader, are you worried trying to figure out how to pray about the many things that seem to be troubling you? Leave things completely out of your prayers and seek a clearer realization of the nature of God. In discovering God’s nature (via Revelation) you discover your nature, and in discovering your nature, you discover the nature of all those forms you thought were separated from you by time and space.

You can read more on the practicality of this kind of praying in Chapter 3 of God Is All.
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