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Pills, Reiki, God And Healing


The Question

Question: “Allen, since God Is All, isn’t God medicine, surgery, Reiki, etc.?”

A Quick Contemplation

At least the questioner starts on a firm foundation: God Is All. Let’s go one step further. What God Is, is all that there is. God Is Perfection; therefore, Perfection Is All there is. Reader, just take a moment to contemplate the Allness of Perfection.

Don’t judge by appearances. Do just what the questioner did. Start your “reasoning” from the Allness of God – but stay there. Have you concluded that Perfection is equally present and everywhere present? Do you see that nothing else exists but Omnipresent Perfection?

What Do You Believe?

Pills, potions, surgery, Reiki and all the other healing modalities — aren’t they based on the premise that there are pockets of imperfection in God’s Allness? Aren’t they based on the assumption (and appearance) that Omnipresent Perfection has lapsed into imperfection? Reader, don’t merely read these questions, answer them. Then answer this question: Do you believe that Omnipresent Perfection (God) can become imperfect?

Spiritual Healing Is Different Because Of The Starting Point

The Book of Habakkuk (Holy Bible) states that God’s eyes are too pure to see evil. Paraphrase: God doesn’t know anything about disease and therefore doesn’t know anything about healing disease. Yet, you and I know that people have appeared to be healed by spiritual means only. I personally know of cases where people have been healed of:

  • blindness
  • cancer
  • AIDS
  • broken bones
  • hearing loss
  • hair loss
  • mental retardation
  • etc.

Yet these so-called healings weren’t like the healings (or patch jobs) that result from surgery, pill popping, Reiki and other healing modalities. Here’s the difference. Surgery, Reiki, and you name the pill start with the disease as a reality and then attempt to eliminate it. In cases of so-called incurable diseases, it’s often an uphill, losing battle.

In so-called “spiritual healing”, the person (or Practitioner) starts with God’s Allness as the reality and sickness as the lie. The person then sets her attention on getting a clearer awareness of God’s Allness. When God reveals Itself to be all there is of the Body, the Perfection that God Is shows forth as what many would call “a healing”.

Importantly, the person knows the so-called healing to be God’s Perfection revealed and evidenced.

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Answered Questions About The Prayer Project

In a story you shared in “The Prayer Project”, you called job hunting an ungodly practice. Why?

I was in my twenties, living at home, and I had to find work. The typical job search didn’t feel right. I thought, “Why would an all-powerful God, who loves me, require me to scurry about pounding the pavement and rummaging through want ads to find employment? Couldn’t this all-powerful, loving God just give me a job? I know my mother would.”

Each time I thought about getting up early every morning and suiting up for the job search, it triggered thoughts such as: “The Bible says it’s God’s pleasure to give me the kingdom. A job should be a piece of cake.”

I knew I had to do something, so the thing that I did was pray to better understand the Oneness of Existence and the oneness of employer and employee. Reader, once I took this step, I have never had to search for a job. They have literally been handed to me.

The typical job search is based on the ungodly idea of twoness and separation. That’s why I called job hunting an ungodly practice.

Why these new “audio events”?

At one time I enjoyed an active lecture schedule, and suddenly it came to a screeching halt. The invitations halted and I screeched!

At my last lecture in Arizona, Libby (a student and friend of J. Goldsmith) asked me to dinner. Slowly, each word carefully thought out before spoken, she said, “Allen, I’ve heard them all, and you are the best out there, but you will never be as successful as _____.” Matching her slow, careful speech, I asked, “Why not?” “Because,” she said, “you don’t want followers. You don’t set yourself up as a leader seeking followers. These people want to follow someone, and you don’t play that game.”

Whether Libby was right or wrong, all I know is that the invitations to lecture dried up like a sponge in the summer sun.

With these audio events, I can still reach people around the world with the Absolute message of God’s Allness. Of course I miss the lecture tour, yet the audio events are fun too.

What’s Next?

“How To Pray Effectively For Others” will be the follow-up audio event to The Prayer Project”. It will be available in June or July.

What is Scubbly, and why are you selling “The Prayer Project” on Scubbly?

Scubbly is a service provider for anyone selling downloadable products. Here’s why I chose Scubbly:

  • Trusted site score of 100
  • Reliable and dependable
  • Fair pricing model
  • Accepts Paypal
  • Allows me to sell audio and video events at affordable prices

What suggestions do you have for those who purchased “The Prayer Project”?

Two listens. The first listen is to satisfy your curiosity. The second listen is a more deliberate listen. Have a pen and pad on hand when listening the second time. Write down every prayer suggestion you hear. After you’ve done that, ACT ON THE SUGGESTIONS.

An important suggestion in this audio event is near the beginning where the suggestion is given how to identify yourself in order to “pray without ceasing.” It is impossible to follow this suggestion and not experience spontaneous revelation throughout the day (and night).

Is “The Prayer Project” available as a cd?

Not yet. Currently it is only available as a downloadable mp3 file that you can put on your computer, phone, tablet, or other audio device.

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What To Do About That Diagnosis

God is All

“Allen, the other day I went to the doctor’s office to get my test results. It wasn’t good. Should I just ignore the doctor’s diagnosis and focus on God’s Allness?” This question raises its head too many times to ignore; so let’s dive into the answer.

First Handle The Fear

The first order of business is to face the fear and snuff it out. Here is what worked for me. Faced with what looked like a severe health crisis, I slumped on the bed trembling (never a good sign). Fear gripped so tightly that worst case scenarios flashed across my mind. I had to do something … and quick. My next thought was, “Allen, is God All?” I answered “Yes.”

Starting from God’s Allness, I prayed asking this one question, “What mind is experiencing this fear?” The answer was not immediate. Again, I asked and listened. That night the answer revealed itself: “There is no mind aware of anything to fear.” Immediately the fear left. The situation did not change, but it was no longer in charge.

In my lectures, I often say that so-called disease is like a stray cat. Instead of milk, it feeds on fear. If there’s no fear around, it slinks away. With the fear gone, the (seeming) problem goes.

Discovering The Diagnosis Isn’t Real

Now that you have handled the fear, it’s time to handle the diagnosis. This has to be by way of Revelation. Reader, I know you’ve heard stories of people facing life-threatening diseases who picked up a book and were healed after reading a few paragraphs. I heard a story of someone who laid my book God Is All on an ailing body part and was healed. These stories don’t impress me. Revelation is the best way, and below are suggestions to prime the pump of Revelation.

In silent prayer ask:

(1) Is this diagnosis of __________ true or not?
(2) Right here where _________ seems to be, what is here?

That’s my way, but Marie Watts suggests another line of questioning that restored her sight and “cured” her cancer.

(1) God, do you know anything about _____________?
(2) Then, do I know anything about ______________?
(3) Does any mind know anything about ___________?

Do not reason out your answers. There is no power in a reasoned answer. Wait, and let the Voice of Revelation speak. This is the Voice of your God Consciousness. When It speaks, “the earth melts”. Simply put, all seeming material conditions are revealed and EXPERIENCED as nothing – no thing at all.

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The Great Escape — From Mortal Mind To God Mind


As you read this post, accept the FACT that the Mind that is reading it, the Mind that wrote it, and the Mind that is God are (is) the same Mind.

Every now and again someone calls and asks a question (or two) that is so arresting, the world seems to freeze for a few seconds. Such was the case when a woman called and asked these two questions:

  1. “How do you get out of the monkey-mind (mortal mind) into God Mind?”
  2. “Is it ever really possible to stop thinking?”

Reader, I’m sure you will agree with me that it’s best to devote an entire post to each question. So let’s dive right into the first question: “How do you get out of the monkey-mind (mortal mind) into God Mind?”

It would be easier for an elephant to tightrope over the Grand Canyon on a sewing thread than for anyone to get out of the mortal mind into God Mind. If you’ve tried this great escape, you know it ain’t easy.

To get out of the mortal mind, it first has to exist. Believing that the mortal mind exists when it doesn’t is the reason many have unsuccessfully struggled to make this great escape. God is All, and God is the only Mind (Awareness) that exists. Right now, reader, search yourself and be sure you haven’t merely dressed up the Christian devil in new clothes and called it mortal mind. GOD IS ALL!

You can’t get into God Mind. You can only realize this Mind to be your Mind and your Self. Below are a few suggestions to facilitate realization:

  • Forget all that metaphysical drivel about thoughts having power, and with that drop all that co-creation business. Only God is Power, and that Power sustains and maintains a Finished Kingdom right where you are.
  • Accept and acknowledge that there is much more to Life (and to you) than the so-called intellect is or can be aware of.
  • Make it your intention to know what this more is.
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One Day The Voice Spoke Clearly

I prayed and prayed unceasingly
To The Unknown God in the sky;
But only the silence answered me
And gave no heed to my cry.

I pleaded with such earnestness,
And never wondered why
No message came to comfort me
Or tell me ‘Who Am I?’

Then one day the Voice spoke clearly,
“I AM God, not man, It said
Eagerly my heart responded,
All thought left me, reason fled,
I Am God, not man, I said.
(by Lillian DeWaters)

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There’s Nothing Wrong With You

Why Does God Need So Much Help To Be God?

A lion is a lion. She doesn’t need to sit in silence for hours – even minutes – in order to roar. She doesn’t need to meditate and contemplate in order to claw her prey. A lion needs no assistance whatsoever in order to be a lion. And what of the lily and the lampstand? Neither do they have to do a single thing to be what they are.

Why does the game seem to change when it comes to God? God seems to need a lot of help to be God. God is supposedly the only presence, but this God seems to need a lot of prayer, meditation and contemplation in order to show up. Like a crooked picture hanging in the hallway, something is off kilter here. I’m merely blogging the same ideas that you’ve thought at least a dozen times. You probably said it like this: “If God is all, why do I have to pray?”

Stop Helping God

God (or whatever term you use) is the only Presence. Better still, God is Presence itself. And God does not need special help in order to BE Presence. God doesn’t need one single soul to sit in silent prayer for a single second in order to “show up.” God is the show.

God doesn’t need special contemplations, group meditations, chants or mantras in order to be Presence. God, by virtue of being All, is all that is present.

“But,” you say, “I ache so bad, and my life is in shambles. I’ve lost my reason and will to live. It seems that if I don’t pray, I don’t stand a chance of turning my life around.”

You Know The Truth

Reader. Only an identity imagining (and this has to be an imagination gone berserk) his life, mind, body and world to be something other than the One and Only could possibly think he needs to do anything for God to show up. You, reader, are not such an identity. You know what is true, and you know that you are the Truth that you know. How do I know this? Because God Is All.

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Is Group Prayer Really Effective? (Surprising Answer)

group prayer allen white God is All

QUESTION: “Is group prayer more effective than praying solo? If I round up 20 people to pray for world peace, would that be more effective than 5 people praying — or just one person? In other words, where prayer is concerned, is there “strength in numbers”?

There is a tendency to think that group prayer is like building an army: if you have an army of 100 soldiers fighting on the battlefield, it has to be better than a scrimpy army of 10 gun-toting soldiers.

Also, there is the idea that the greater the number, the greater the effectiveness. A man, chased by a ginormous grizzly, reasons that firing 1000 bullets certainly must be more effective than firing just one bullet.

No Opponents, Just Revelation

When you seem to be dealing with an opponent, perhaps there is strength and effectiveness in numbers. Yet, IN PRAYER YOU ARE NOT CONTENDING WITH AN ADVERSARY. Prayer, right-focused prayer, is about the business of awareness, discernment, realization, and revelation. Simply put, prayer is about discerning God’s presence — and what God is — as the sum-total of existence.

While others cowered in fear and uncertainty, Christ Jesus often stood alone in His awareness of God’s Allness. And standing alone proved to be enough! Just one identity clearly perceiving the Isness of the Allness of God is always enough. However, there is a special value in group prayer.

What Makes Group Prayer Effective

Imagine that you seem to have a problem on the job — perhaps a personality clash. Each day the situation sours like lemon curdled milk. Being the much-loved person that you are, you easily gather 25 people to pray for you. Day and night, they pour their hearts into perceiving God’s presence as being all that is present as the totality of your work environment. Out of these 25 sincerely praying friends, one (and that’s all it takes) is bound to achieve the clarity that God is indeed the only Activity, Identity, and Evidence. Miracle of miracles, the next day you go to work it seems like your fairy godmother waved her magic wand over the office. All is love, light and laughter.

Don’t be deceived! The obvious assumption is that the dedicated prayers of the prayer group worked a miracle in your situation, but that wasn’t the case at all. It was the razor-sharp perception of that one person that revealed God’s Allness.

By the above example, you can see that the value of a large number of people praying is that at least one will experience a clear realization of God’s Allness. But you don’t need a group. You can be that one.

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So Many Things To Pray About – Where Do I Start?

God Is All

The Things

Fix a thing. Repair a thing. Heal a thing. Add a thing. Get rid of a thing. With prayer, it always seems to be about a thing. But here’s the thing: As long as prayer is about things, you will always have a thing to pray about. And as long as you are praying about things, the conscious enjoyment of God’s Allness will never happen.

Did Your Early Days Of Prayer Look Like This?

Your personal history of prayer certainly doesn’t help. Like mine, it probably started with thing-based prayer. Grammy prayed to heal your broken leg. While you prayed for a new toy, dad prayed for a better job, and momma prayed for new furniture. In the church, the preacher prayed for healing of the sick and shut-in, and the “Women’s Guild” prayed to get the drug-dealing hoodlums out of the neighborhood.

The Most Effective Way To Pray

Reader, let’s get back on track! God is the only presence. God is the only power. And God is not a thing. In God’s Allness, where are the things? Nowhere! Okay, I can hear you thinking, “But Allen, there are forms, right?” Yes, there are. But these forms we have mistakenly called things are God and their nature is God.

Jesus teaching his disciples about prayer said, “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God . . . and all these things will be added unto you.” Pray to know God. Pray to experience God. Pray to know your Identity is in God as God. This is “right” prayer. There are no things in this prayer, and yet this thing-less prayer piles the needed things (forms) right in your lap. Why is this?

Because the forms that you and I have called things, by various names, are God. Nothing is added, but these seemingly invisible forms are effortlessly revealed in all their spiritual glory.

Reader, are you worried trying to figure out how to pray about the many things that seem to be troubling you? Leave things completely out of your prayers and seek a clearer realization of the nature of God. In discovering God’s nature (via Revelation) you discover your nature, and in discovering your nature, you discover the nature of all those forms you thought were separated from you by time and space.

You can read more on the practicality of this kind of praying in Chapter 3 of God Is All.
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God Is All

God Is All Allen White
That’s the title of my first book. And it’s true. God really is all. Reader, I’m warning you: there’s a lot of is-ing in this post.

Slowly repeat the words “God Is All,” but linger a little on the word “is”. Effortlessly, you will drift into contemplating the here and now of God. Don’t censor your contemplation. Let it go on to consider the fact that all that God is, is going on right now – right where you are.

It’s clear as a well washed window why Christ Jesus’ miracles were instantaneous. Behind every so-called miracle was the awareness of the here and now of God’s allness.

God’s allness never evolves into being. It already is. Just thinking about this may cause you to shiver with joy. It should, because the everpresent allness of God means:

    • Right now, God is all that there is of your Identity
    • Right now, God is all that there is of your Body
    • Right now, God is all that there is of your Environment

In short, the kingdom of heaven is already here.

Reader, don’t be duped believing that God won’t be all until you experience a revelation. God’s absolute allness is first. Revelation is second. God’s allness can only be revealed because it is already true.

So, don’t wait. Start right now acknowledging that God, and what God is (Love and Perfection) is all that there is. Look around you and claim God is all that there is. Look at the people where you are and claim God is all that there is here. Do troubles come to mind? Know that right where the trouble seems to be GOD IS ALL.

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I’m Doing My Best But Truth Is Not Working – Why?

Dear Reader,

Have you done the best you know how, spiritually, and things still aren’t working out? Have you been consistent in prayer, faithful in contemplation, and still a dark cloud seems to hang over your life?

Are you wondering why that disease clings despite your realization of its nothingness? Or, are you wondering why the door of opportunity slams in your face every time you step toward the threshold? Reader, are you puzzled as to why, despite all your sincerity, you cannot seem to break free of the limitations of this false sense of humanhood? Maybe other questions, similar to these, are begging for answers.

Since God Is All, you know in your heart that these things should not even seem to be. And in your heart, you know you’ve done the best you know how to do. Still, somehow, it doesn’t seem to be good enough. Reader, be lifted up. Let your heart rise as the morning sun. There is an answer.

In the Holy Bible, James writes, “If any man lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him.” Beloved, here in our Holy Bible is the answer to what to do, when you don’t know what to do. If you don’t understand why the disease seems to cling despite your best praying, ASK GOD. If you don’t understand why you can’t crawl out from under that rock of debt, despite your clear realization of ever present supply, ASK GOD. If you’re dazed and confused as to why, after all these years, you still seem as human as ever, ASK GOD.

Reader: Go directly to your God Consciousness, and ask any question you desire. As long as your heart’s sincerest desire is spiritual understanding, it does not matter what the question is. Ask, knowing that your God Consciousness will reveal the needed wisdom, and the evidence of that wisdom. Then Listen! The understanding, revelation, and evidence are experienced in the silent listening. “If any man lack wisdom, let him ask of God.”

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